Information Center

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 194,000 miles. When I apply the brakes, the vehicle information center states “rear lamp failure” even though the lamps are working. (I back up towards shop windows a lot) Should I try replacing the unit?

I wouldn’t. The probably expense in replacement probably isn’t worth it. I can check my rear lamps manually, possibly with more frequency, and do just fine.

Just keep driving it.

The wife’s got a 90 Cherokee I’m try to keep alive.

Got a welder?


No tester but was thinking since it was a recycle center unit to replace one that didn’t work at all, maybe try another one. Not expensive, just a pain to replace.

Your lights are working, but does one seem dimmer than the others? I had a similar situation with my '88 Toyota. The problem was corrosion on the contacts in the light socket causing increased resistance that made the bulb monitor think a bulb blew. I cleaned it up, gooped it good with dielectric grease (bulb grease), and haven’t had the problem return for almost two years. year.

They both look normal but i’ll try that and see what happens.

Did you replace just one of them recently? A difference in maker of the bulb could explain a variance in resistance that may also be fooling the sensor. Bulbs usually come in a two pack, so take the other and replace the old bulb on the other side. See if that also works.

I always replace bulbs in pairs.