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1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport Electrical Issues

99’ Jeep Cherokee Sport

I have electrical issues with my Jeep.

1. Intermittently, when I use my left blinker, it activates my hazzards. This DOES NOT show on the dash, or the front blinkers, just the rear.

2. My rear lights, and my break lights are the same bulb. When I turn on my lights at night, my rear lights work, my break lights do not, including my top hatch break light.

3. My side mirrors can no longer be moved by the toggle switch on the driver side door.

4. My passenger windows (front and back) do not always work, for the passengers. I can always operate them from the drivers main window “switch”. But the passenger switches don’t always work.

None of this has any rhymn or reason, and may not even be connected. My proirities are the rear brake lights, and blinkers.

Has anyone had this problem(s) and know how to fix it. I do not have the $$ to allow my mechanic to simply start “checking wires”. It could take hours to find the issue, and at $64/hr… well, you know.


The blinker problem may be due crossed filament in the turn signal bulb. Try replacing the left turn signal bulb. Also make sure you do not have the wrong type of bulb in there. You might try comparing the right side to it.

The side mirror problem may be due to some broken wires in the door jam and the window problems may be due to dirty contacts in the switches.