96 jeep tail light malfunction

96 jeep grand cherokee.2 or 3 times a day when at a stop sign the warning comes on “tail light malfunction”. turn off the key and restart it goes away. the lights are still working, and I have physically checked the bulbs. Any knowledgeable answers??

“…and I have physically checked the bulbs.”

How did you check the bulbs? Physically clean all the contacts with something like Scotch-Brite, and make absolutely sure that the filaments are intact. You’re probably better off just replacing the bulbs.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem you’ve probably got a bad ground at the rear of the car. Run a ground wire from the engine to the rear lamp sockets.

jay web…did yu read the part about "the lights ARE working even tho’ the warning comes on

Sounds like you’re re-setting a sensor or something when you turn the key off then back on.

Double check the middle brake light. I’ll bet there is a flakey light there. If you can’t find any intermittent lights then look for a bad connection to the light module. You could also try replacing the bulbs on one side to see if that helps. If that doesn’t work then swap the new ones to the other side.

Thanks for the replies…have replaced the lights with new ones, have “checked” the module (behind the spare) even did a load test on the wiring!! got 12V nd 11.5 A on the tail lights.
Now here is an issue that may have some bearing on it…the rear wiper does not work but the washer does…by the way I just bught this jeep and so far I think it is a GRAND Cherokee

have you recently installed new head lamps, xenon, or fog lights?

there seems to be a common fault when people install these lights. it makes a fault in the rear “high” light, which gives the “rear tail light” message

or to put it more clearly, it makes the rear high light have a fault which gives the message.

Well thanks for the insight,have not installed any acc. type lights. But I forgot all about that damned high light…GET OUT THE ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVER and thanks again