1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport Electrical Issues

99’ Jeep Cherokee Sport

I have electrical issues with my Jeep.

1. Intermittently, when I use my left blinker, it activates my hazzards. This DOES NOT show on the dash, or the front blinkers, just the rear.

2. My rear lights, and my break lights are the same bulb. When I turn on my lights at night, my rear lights work, my break lights do not, including my top hatch break light.

3. My side mirrors can no longer be moved by the toggle switch on the driver side door.

4. My passenger windows (front and back) do not always work, for the passengers. I can always operate them from the drivers main window “switch”. But the passenger switches don’t always work.

None of this has any rhymn or reason, and may not even be connected. My proirities are the rear brake lights, and blinkers.

Has anyone had this problem(s) and know how to fix it. I do not have the $$ to allow my mechanic to simply start “checking wires”. It could take hours to find the issue, and at $64/hr… well, you know.


Regarding your rear brakes and lights situation. I thin kyou may ahve a collection of shorts or open grounds, What sort of bulbs are used here. The bayonet type, ie push in and twist, or the push in only type.
The Bayonet type of brake bulb is often inserted incorrectly, it has an offset on the locking pins, many people do not see this and install any which way, then they may get stuck on the rotation bit, thus the contacts on the back of the bulb are left connecting the brakes to the driving lights
When and if your grounds are open, the filiments of one set of bulbs make ground returns for the others but you get wierd results when you might want to light both indicators, brakes and lights.

As for your windows, does this vehicle have the traditional Chrysler “Body Control Module” ie a little logic black box through which all the driver switch functions pass and then get relayed to various
other relays, motors and lamps?.
I’d suspect the swtiches first and if not those, then I’d look to the BCM, they tend to have a mind of their own sometimes.
A lot of the lights functions go through them also, which may or may not explain the wierd rear lights.

Replace the left rear turn signal/brake lamp. While it may not be the cause of some of your problems, it is easy and cheap. jn offered some good advice there. In the end, you may end up having your mechanic start checking wires however. There may be no other way of doing it. Here is were a good experienced mechanic pays off as they can guess what to check first and tell from the condition of the car what might be most likely and check that first.