Dashboard Warnihg Lights

Last night, while driving, I noticed the “rear light failure” warning light was on. I checked the rear lights and they all appeared to be working. A mechanic checked the lights and changed some of the bulbs, but the warning light still comes on. The car is driving fine. The dealer wants to charge me $150 just to try to find the problem and who knows how much to actually fix it. What do you think is the problem? More importantly, is there any danger in just ignoring the light and continue to keep an eye on the rear lights to be sure they’re working?? The car is a 2001 Toyoto Camry.


If any of the rear bulbs burn out, even the license plate bulbs, that rear light failure light on the dash will come on. So make sure all the rear bulbs work.

If all the bulbs work, then the problem might be with the rear light out module. This module is located inside the trunk, behind the left trunk panel. Make sure the connectors to the module are clean and tight. If no problem is found there, then have the module removed and remove it’s cover. Inspect the small circuit board inside for any burnt components. If any are found, the module requires replacement in order to turn the light off on the dash.


Just to add one more thing to Tester’s great list. Sometimes the lamp lights, but may not be making really good contact. It may show up as being just a little dim. Some systems will catch this and give you the error light.

Thanks, Tester. So, I guess I can wait and have it fixed in a few months when I take it in for a regular servicing?