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Infiniti Q50 - Won't start

Everything comes on in the car but it want start dealership can’t find the problem keep saying nothing is wrong

OK , what year is this really ? How long have you had it and did this problem just start . Why does the dealer say nothing is wrong .

I’m going to guess you mean 2012, not 2021. When you say the car won’t start do you mean it won’t crank or it cranks but won’t catch? You may have to take it to another dealer. If it’s a 2012 as I suspect it’s no longer under warranty and you can take it to an independent shop. Get back to us with more information.

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If the car won’t start, the dealership is clearly wrong. And incompetent. Tell the dealership if they can’t fix your car then maybe the dealership should pay to have the car towed to a better one.