Infiniti engine noise

I just test drove a 2008 Infiniti M35x. It made a whirring sound that seemed to be separate from the engine. It was somewhat loud and present even when the car was moving slowly, but not when the car is stopped. It was present when the car was moving but coasting (the gas pedal was not depressed). Any thoughts? It was not an Infiniti dealer - it was a high volume used car dealer that specializes in low prices but the staff doesn’t know anything about the cars that are sold so they were not helpful.

Ask the dealer, if you get a we will fix it, let them, if you get a this is normal look for another.

Does this car still have a factory warranty?
(Don’t take the used car dealer’s word for anything!)

If you think that it is under warranty (based on its odometer mileage), ask to do an extended test drive, and take it to an Infiniti dealer. Their service dept should be able to tell you if it is still under warranty, based on what they can find in their database. Also, ask the Infiniti folks to diagnose the problem for you. If the dealership can give you assurance that this car is under warranty and that the problem is something covered by warranty, your risk regarding this problem is minimal.

It is still under warranty. The problem is that the nearest Infiniti dealer is 90 miles away. I don’t really need a new car - my current 2005 Saab runs fine - but have always liked the M35 and this one has the options I was looking for (premium package) which is rare. Basically I am looking for a quick answer as to the source of the problem. Otherwise I will just use this problem as a good reason not to get another car at this point. Sounds flaky but I am trying to keep my own car for as long as possible for no other reason than principle. I usually get the new car itch every 6 months or so and test drive something. Usually the car isn’t quite what I had imagined and I am good for another six months. This one is very nice except for the noise, but having to drive 90 miles for any servicing is a big hassle. Nissan dealers won’t do any warranty work on Infiniti’s, otherwise I would be set.