2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Dealer has had my car for ten months

i bought my car 3 days before christmas only put 200 miles since i had the car couldnt drive all summer cause of over heating got that promblem fix just got back week ago and it broke down wont start i have a warrtey on it and right now sitting at dealer ship they put starter in and still wont start

When it is not starting I am going to assume since they put a starter on it that it is not cranking??

Is it clicking or just dead?? Is it at the Jeep new vehicle dealership, or at a Shop??

Either way, since it is at a shop, not much we can advise you to check on it, you are kinda at there mercy… BUT, it kinda sounds like they are just throwing parts at it and hoping they stick, it is very simple to check for power at the signal wire while trying to start, and the solenoid can even be jumped to see if the vehicle will start… They just need to do a proper no start diagnostic to find the issue… Lots of possibility’s…

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Ask your shop to measure the voltage on both the S and B starter motor terminals when the key is in “start”. Post data here for more ideas.

I’ll add that while I’ve requested this data from many posters, probably hundreds of times, I don’t recall the measurements ever being posted … lol … I expect what happens is the shop makes the measurements, sees there’s an obvious problem, car will never start w/zero volts, problem found & fixed straight-away. No need to post back. If you don’t post back, no worries, we’ll assume that’s what happened.