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Illusive RV wiring diagram

I cant find anywhere a wiring schematic or diagram for the 199Rexhall American Cruiser RV … my uncle owns one that was damaged in a fire … and his spechs were tossed by a cleanup crew member in the park. Being tech savvy, I was sure I could find a wiring diagram easily … but thats just not the case …

thanx C.

Well, you truncated the year digit, but regardless, you may find it pretty tricky. There are SO many RV manufacturers, SO many different configurations from each one (some custom), and unfortunately not a lot of web-presence for a lot of them. Have you thought about calling the company that built it and seeing if you can get anything from them?

You could go to an after-market replacement wiring harness. Google “wiring harness”.
You could try the company which made the modifications, also.