Hazard switch wires popped out of plug


Okay, so I tore my entire dash apart to change the heater core of my '87 Mustang 4 cyl. When the gage cluster shroud came off, the wires for the hazard switch pulled out of the gray plastic plug. Does any one know which ones go where? I managed to get a pic. of one on ebay but the wires are of totally different colors. My wires and colors are as follows:

1 Wht. with Blk stripe (single)

2 Blk. (joined pair)

3 Blue (single)

4 Blue (joined pair)

5 Org. with blue stripe joined with Wht.

with blue stripe

6 Green with orng stripe (joined pair)

7 Orng. with yellow stripe (single)

There are 7 total connectors on the switch itself. So none are missing. Which wire goes in in which hole???


I can’t tell you. You should be able to get the info from alldatadiy.com if you sign up and pay the fee. Look at wiring diagrams and connector information. Your local library might have access to databases. You can also try a Mustang board I am sure someone can help you out there.


Your’re tearing out the dashboard without a service manual? Service manuals have wiring diagrams, which is what you need. Go buy a Haynes manual, or get a Ford factory manual. They are worth their weight in gold.


I have a Haynes manual, Thank-you. It’s wiring diagrams are VERY basic and show that the wires only connect to a switch, not which pole it connects to.


Yeah the wiring diagrams in a Haynes manual are pathetic.

I have the factory wiring diagrams for my Fords & if I had an 87 Mustang I could answer you question.

What a Haynes manual tries to cover in 5 or 6 pages takes my factory manuals about 150 pages.

Example: Just the wiring diagrams for the engine controls on my Ranger covers 4 pages.

Which manual do you think gives the detail needed to actually fix electrical problems.

See if you can get your hands on the “Electrical & vacuum troubleshooting manual” for an 87 Mustang. It will have the info you need complete with diagrams showing the switch & switch terminals.

I got mine for my Ranger/Taurus/Explorer at helminc.com


Thanks for the link. Budget is tight, if this doesn’t work out, I may try the local pick a part place and see if I can get lucky! Or visa versa.


Good idea, if you can find one in the bone yard you’ll be good to go.

Good luck with it.