MissMatch Wire termination?

Facts, 1994 Oldsmobile, Cutlass Ciera L, 3.1, 6 Cyl, I fried my Wire Harness. Appareently your not suppose to use a sissor Jack to help push your motor away from the fire wall. and something while trying to replace the Heater core.

So no that I have fixed everything else, the car still donsn’t start. so during my investigation I have discovered

Problem (or Is it?) the “Idle Air Controller motor” wire connector is a 4 wire connector, and the C and D connectors are backwards when compared to my wire Diagram.

Is this a problem, It was working for the last 16 years, till I used the Sissor Jack? Should I switch the wires around? Or just keep looking for the real problem?

Mr Match Tobie

It worked prior to the harness being damaged and there’s no way the scissors jack swapped pin locations in the connector so my advice would be to leave it alone. There’s a better chance that your diagram is worng or you’re intepreting pin 1 incorrectly than the pins are in the wrong spots. Some connectors are viewed from the front and others from the back when determining pin 1 position, for example.

If you’re certain you fixed all of the wiring problems, the next question is; did you attempt to start the engine while it was damaged? If so, I’d be looking at which circuits are serviced by those wires. Check fuses/fusible links first. If you could have shorted out some output from the ECM, that would be my next suspicion.

Can you determine if the ECM is powered? A scan tool would be the easiest way to do that.

What, exactly, does the car do or not do???

Your wiring diagram will probably also show the color codes for the wires on the idle air control motor. They are indicated by letter codes – for example, Y = Yellow or B-L = Black with Blue stripe. If you aren’t too unlucky they will help you resolve your doubts about the connectors.

As for not starting. You’re clearly no stranger to cars or you wouldn’t be trying to replace a heater core. I’d suggest temporarily forgetting that you are responsible for that condition and doing the problem analysis as if you’d just walked out one morning and found the car won’t start. Once you’ve isolated the problem a bit, it may be clearer what you need to fix.