Why can't I find the manual or diagram?

I have a 2000 VW Jetta gls sedan. It only has 67000 on it and until the last month it has been a great car. I am having electrical issues for some reason. I have purchased a new battery from VW and the problem continued. Now a majority of my fuses have blown. Why can’t I find a diagram of the fuse box that specifically says, “this fuse is for…” and it takes a 15 amp fuse"…the icons on the fuse card have no legend and I can’t find a spec or diagram card ANYWHERE that I do not have to pay for!!!

http://arrc.epnet.com/autoasp/framerq.asp User ID: USER. Password: PASSWORD. Page opens. Scroll down and click on Auto Repair Reference center. Input the car’s year, make, model, GLS and engine size. Click on Wiring Diagrams. Click on Power Distribution, and again. Click on drawing 1; then, drawing 2; then, drawing 3. Is this what you are looking for?

For hellokit’s post when the log in screen pops up:
Usesr name = user
password = password
then scroll down to ARRC (Auto Repair Reference Center)
Then select your vehicle.