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Access To Wiring For Trailer Connector

I need to wire up a trailer lighting connector for my 2000 Buick Century but I can’t find the wiring run for it. Where would I find them to be able to tap into them?

See if this helps:

In that car you’ll probably need to access the wires through the trunk behind the tail lights, splicing one wire at a time and run your wires down through.

  • While the trunk wires are exposed you may be able to follow them to see if they go under the rear bumper but you’ll still need to be behind the tail lamps to circuit check and seee the color codes.
  • You’ll need one bright ( turn signal / brake ) wire form each side and only one dim ( park / running lights ) wire. then one ground.
    – use the colors of wire you’ll want when you get to the trailer plug.
    green - right turn ( the bright circuit from the right tail lamp )
    yellow - left turn ( the bright circuit from the left tail lamp )
    brown - tail lamps ( the dim circuit from either lamp )
    white - ground
    When they get to the trailer the two bright circuits become the brake lights.

Thanks so much for your quick reply! I’m at work and haven’t been able to read thew whole text and watch it’s video but I can see that this will be what I need! Thanks much!