If you could have a working life-size model of any toy car, what would it be?

I’ve been watching the Netflix series Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and in one episode, they make a working life-size car modeled after the Hot Wheels Splittin’ Image.

According to what they said on the episode, many of the cars made by Hot Wheels and Matchbox, including the Splittin’ Image, were concept car designs from the former Big Three that never got made.

If you could have a life-size working model of any toy car, what would it be?

For me, it would be the newest Batmobile, but not the movie version; I like the Hot Wheels version better than the publicity pictures they’re putting out for the upcoming Batman movie.

I have to admit this Netflix show is making me want a muscle car in a way I never have before.

That batmobile looks a whole lot like a chopped up Chevy Nova.

In case you decide to build one and need a starting point :grin:

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According to what I’ve been reading, it’s a hybrid between cars like the recent Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang.

To me, it looks a lot like a custom Mustang.

How does anyone see out of the windshield of that first one?

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It turns out the Petersen Automotive Museum already has a life-size version of Speed Racer’s Mach 5, coincidentally also made by Mark Towle, owner of Gotham Garage.

Doc Hudson for me.


Nice car. Stock or hotrod? It would make a good sleeper car.

Nascar spec., or a Panamerica spec Chrysler Saratoga that beat everything in the unlimited class except 2 of the many Ferarris.

Self driving version.

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As a matter of fact, on the Hot Wheels Splittin’ Image, I can’t find a steering wheel. Perhaps it was designed to be a self-driving car.

The MASK Buzzard toy:

Race car splits into 2 motorcycles and a jet airplane. With weapons. :wink:

Dorky little kid me thought this was the best idea for a vehicle ever.


Is that so Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman could work together ?


I wonder if that might be the inspiration for the Dark Knight Batmobile that sprung a motorcycle from its wreckage.

Don’t believe they figured that a steering wheel was needed in that design, this one has a similar idea for the “glass” but opens up and it’s more fighter jet inspired inside. I have one in my collection.

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Voice control??

Hello Alexa,
steer right no harder, no les…

I already do.
The “toy” version:

The “real” version:

The toy though has full time center differential four wheel drive with wider tires in the rear. The real on is two wheel drive, same size tire on all four corners.

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Nice! Is that the eco boost engine? I don’t see a “5.0” badge.

The toy version looks very “real”, btw

Yes, eco boost, would like a GT, but…
Still plenty of power for me.

I can’t buy a boosted engine. The temptation of adding a tuner and easy extra power would be too great lol.

Very nice car.