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Toy Car For Adults

So little toy cars were made for children to play make believe and now there is an “adult” car that looks like a kid’s toy so adults can . . . play make believe. :slight_smile:

I thought that was already in production. It’s called a Smart car.



That reminded me, I was very jealous of the kid down the block when I was a kid. His dad owned the Merc garage and he had one of those electric 57 Merc kid cars. I guess it was a promotion or something but it was a very good match. I ran into him at a meeting a few years ago and asked him about it and claimed he still had it somewhere.

A friend of mine had both a '57 Thunderbird and a '57 Chevy when we were growing up. His dad was in the used car business and I’m told that they were promotional items back in the day. I see him from time to time in his '55 Corvette and '67 GTO. I guess he never grew up very much at all. I envy him. A lot.

When I read the thread title, I immediately thought of the Bentley Bentayga we discussed earlier. It is certainly as impractical as any other toy.

I love it!
“Little Tykes” cars have long been famous throughout the world. An adult sized copy is a stroke of genius! With the exception of Randy Grubb, there are very few truly unique custom cars being made anymore. There’s a lot of great quality workmanship, but few truly unique vehicles. I consider this among an elite class of handbuilt vehicles.

My favorite transportation toy from childhood was my Green Machine. It was a big wheel that steered by pivoting the rear wheels using two levers. It was sort of the opposite of a Big Wheel, and a lot more fun. This is what it looked like.

While searching online for this picture, I saw some adult-sized ones, but what would really be fun would be a motorized version.

I can’t imagine doing that much work to make such an ugly adult toy as a little tykes car. I was expecting something a lot more fun, like a T-Rex car.

I wouldn’t mind one of those small engine propelled drifters. That looks like a lot of fun to me. Big wheels came around a bit after I was (officially) too old for them but we used to take them for rides down this asphalt road that had a huge hill and try to drift them at high speed near the bottom. When it worked, it was pure joy. When it didn’t- epic fail. Picking road rash pebbles from your elbows and hands…