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Buying Your Dream Car

What’s your dream car?

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1989 Euro-spec BMW M6 5 speed in red.

The M6 is but one… I have LOTS of dream cars… that’s why I do volunteer work at a car musem

Ariel Atom

Bentley Mulsanne Speed. Zero to 60 in 4.8 seconds for a 3 ton vehicle is rediculous. 511 BHP at 811 lb-ft of torque. Absurd! It’s a rolling palace that will rip the doors off almost anything. The interior is a work of art. Yes, this is a dream car. When I will the lottery (hey, it’s a dream, isn’t it?), I’m buying one. Yousa!

My dream car is a 1960 Austin Healy bug-eyed Sprite. This is a vehicle one really drives. I also dream about having the skills to keep it running.

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You probably dream about fitting into the very small Sprite cockpit, too.

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A silver Pontiac Grand Prix, like new, gently used, and purchased practically with pocket change. I’m living the dream. Snow’s melting and It’ll be on the road soon.

What’s your dream car?

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Bentley Continental GT.
Of course if I drove one I might change my mind. My experience has been that “dream cars” are often disappointing.

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@jtsanders. I also dream about losing 50 pounds so I would fit on the cockpit. When I was a graduate student, another graduate student that had a room in the same house bought a MG Midget. I really liked riding in that car. Some years later after I finished my second round of graduate school, my wife and I shared a duplex with another couple. The husband worked for a foreign car dealer. He was also a reserve in the National Guard and had Guard duty one weekend a month. On those weekends, he would drop off the keys to an MG Midget demonstrator and tell me that it was bad for an MG not to have daily exercise. I always believe in helping my neighbor, so I gave the MG demonstrator plenty of exercise.For me, these were fun cars to drive. The engines weren’t real powerful, so you used the gears to maximum advantage. The Austin Healy bug-eyed Spite is a similar car, but I like its funky styling and its side curtains instead of roll-up windows. If I needed two cars, my luxury car would be a Checker.

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C . Chances of obtaining a real one are are not exactly favorable, but a kit car version is much more attainable.

Either the '57 Corvette and a 260 Cobra would keep me broke buying gas for a while. And long ago I had an Austin Healey Sprite. That was 47 years and 70 pounds ago. My how time flies.

@Triedaq, I was thinking more like you are height impaired (too tall). It seems to me Sprites are not meant for people over 6’ or so, and IIRC, you are more like 6’4".

Bugatti Chiron. The 3 or so million dollars it cost will probably keep it a dream only… :frowning:

A friend of mine had a Bugeye Sprite in college. He’s about 6’ 4". He looked OVER the windshield while driving! Ahh the sacrifices of youth!

Man, I love this group. Before I read the replies I almost considered not posting a reply figuring people would think I’m nuts. My dream car is a Miata, new or NC generation. I feel like the Sprite people may get my reasons. I’ve driven some supercars, and most of the near-supercars (Camaro ZL1s BMW i8s, Audi R8s, Hellcat, Alfa 4C, Vipers and such). The truth is, on public roads a Miata is the most fun for me. On a racetrack, a Miata is also a blast.


68 Cougar XR7, had one once, may again.

I’ve driven high power cars and low power cars on track. The low power cars are just as much, if not more fun, than the high power cars. More involvement, momentum conservation and the silly looks on people’s faces when they can’t shake that little car in their Porsche mirrors!

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Porsche 911 with a high revving flat 6 and a7 speed stick.

Lotus evora is a close 2nd choice

When I’m daydreaming, I often find myself musing about the “last car” I’ll buy–and that daydream usually includes a Porsche 911SC, whichever 'Vette trips my trigger and is within my financial reach, one of the latest Mustangs, or a BMW M3 of some sort. But a Miata or yet another Wrangler would likely be something I could afford to acquire and maintain. I’ve got two Wrangler TJs and a '96 Miata right now, and both Jeeps and the Miata have always made me so very happy without having to plonk down a lot of dough. I think I could actually be happy with yet another Jeep Wrangler (or an old CJ-2A) and another Miata.

But you’ll always find me drooling over something and declaring it absolutely necessary. I just love cars. :slight_smile:

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Black and yellow 57 Ford but I’m not crazy enough to buy one.