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I think you lost my stats

I see you have me as a junior grease monkey so I think you must have lost count of the number of time I have posted here. I went to my profile so see if I was having the same problems with disagrees etc and I noticed that you show me with 536 visits. Since I have visited this site almost every day since around 1997 and registered under my current username the whole time, I’m pretty sure this stat is not correct.

At least you got to keep the same name, on the switch I could log into the general pages, but not to the discussion pages. So I cannot tell you if you start from ground zero after the switch.

@keith–I feel your pain in having your stats lost. It was a great day at our house when Triedaq made “Senior Grease Monkey”. This was an even more significant moment than when he earned tenure or was promoted to professor. When Triedaq achieved senior grease monkey, we really splurged. I took him out for supper. We went to McDonalds instead of the place we usually go to celebrate occasions such as our anniversary–White Castle.

Mrs. Triedaq

I think Triedaq is going to password protect his screen saver. :wink:

Until then, keep ‘em comin’ ma’am!

I made up some nice salads, fired up the grill to cook some salmon, I am getting hungry, and now a spot burger sounds good, heart attack cafe go away, if you are ever in WI stop by the spot, great burgers and homemade root beer, control, cook salmon, Maybe some hollendaise sauce, yeah that should stop the crave,

The math for the visit count is only counting from the switch over to Vanilla. So, given that we started around the first week of May 2011, it makes sense you’d be somewhere in the 500s based on my off-the-cuff math. The grease monkey status is based solely on number of posts.

Still, Barkydog, you will always be waterboy to me, even if we weren’t able to resolve your login problem.

so there is a reason @keith posts 3 to 4 responses at a time, as a way to move up the ladder to ultimate mechanic rating.

“The math for the visit count is only counting from the switch over to Vanilla…around the first week of May 2011”

I don’t want to be arbitrary, Carolyn, but I’m not sure that the above statement is accurate.
In my case, I have apparently posted over 12,800 times to this forum. If that count includes only my posts for the past 14 months or so, that means I posted ~30 times per day, every day during those 14 months, and–even for me–that is a huge number of posts per day.

I think that some quirk in the software has allowed some of us to retain the total number of posts ever since we first came to this board, but in other cases, the count only began as of 5/11. What do you think about my theory?

I think @VDCdriver has something there, because I doubt I’ve posted over 3000 times since the new software went in.

No UncleTurbo, that is NOT the reason I have to post three or four times. Any post longer than about three lines will not post, and it doesn’t matter what ISP I use. I’ve had that discussion here several times. It started with the switch to Vanilla.

The new icon that shows likes is neat I’m tempted to flag or disagree with myself to see if those show up!

The system won’t let you disagree with yourself. You can’t flag your own posts either.

@VDCdriver and @shadowfax, we’re actually all correct. I am not referring to number of posts; I am referring to number of visits, which, if you look at your profiles, are separately counted. A visit is when you come to the page – and if you come multiple times per day, as I generally do, it does not seem to count same-day duplicates – and not when you post to that page. The number of posts carried over from the old system, and drives the grease monkey status.