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"titles" for posters on the new website

I just checked out the new badges

Before, most of us were junior grease monkey, senior grease monkey, or long lost magliozzi brother

I belonged to the latter category, as did a lot of the other regulars

Now I’m just “basic” . . . not even a regular member of the community yet

WTH . . . ?!

I loved the old website, and I also enjoy the new website

But as far as I’m concerned, most of the regulars who post a lot, such as myself, mountainbike, george, just to name a few, should have come in with a MUCH higher “ranking”

I hate to say it, but it’s kind of disappointing

Down to zero

You, I, and several others have been downgraded to “plebe” status.


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I think that if someone comes to this site for information, they would appreciate knowing if the person responding to their question has any experience on the site.

At least with the old badges, the person could tell that their question was being answered by a “Senior Grease Monkey”, or someone with only a “Duct Tape Badge”.

I also used those badges to consider weather a reply by that user was something I should consider.

Now unless we remember who were the regulars with sound advise, we have no way of knowing.
I, Myself paid a little more attention to those who had more badges and their replies.


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I’m curious about something . . .

Did any of the regulars from the old website NOT start at the bottom on this new website . . . ?!


Maybe I’m missing that feature, But I see no ranking.

What I did find of the badges…or whatever that is that we earn. That looks like something put together for teenagers.

Like that stupid “heart” for "like this post.!!!

I hit that thinking I’d get a heart healthy recipe for dinner.


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There are no more ratings like in past as far as I can tell, former duct tape specialist. Sure somebody might look you up and guess at what kind of a poster you are,

You checked the new badges? And you were unhappy?
I suggest you ignore the badges. If they’re important to you, perhaps you need to refocus on the purpose of the website.

I don’t care what my badge is. I don’t even know what my badge is. I suppose it’s interesting for some, but not to me.

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Click on those three horizontal lines to the left of your screen icon, on the top of the screen

Now click on “badges”

Now scroll all the way down to “trust level”

The “rankings” are basic, regular, member, and leader

I see I have a number within my basic box. I have no idea what it represents

Looking at some of the other stuff on the page, there’s a lot of new stuff, which the old website didn’t have. But there’s also some stuff which is perhaps meaningless and nobody will “achieve” it . . . for example “Grrea reply”

To earn that, you have to receive 50 likes on a reply. No offense, but I don’t think any of us ever managed that


You have a point, and I partially agree with you

My suggestion is this . . . to Carolyn, or whovever’s monitoring this

Either start off the carry-over regulars at a higher “level of trust” or do away with it entirely

speaking of “heart healthy recipe for dinner” . . . my cholesterol is up, so that’s right up my alley :wink:

Perhaps the “rankings” system is rather meaningless, as mountainbike said

I just noticed that everybody is rated for the week. And it’s clearly based on who received the most likes

mountainbike is on top, because he’s literally a well-liked individual

But even though I have the second most number of likes received, along with somebody else, I’m number 3, for unknown reasons. I gave out more likes than anybody else, visited this site more often than anybody else, read more stuff, etc.

While I don’t entirely agree with mountainbike on this, an don’t always agree with him, for that matter . . . I think I’ll just ignore the “rankings” and badges

Because as far as I can tell, it’s arbitrary and useless

I’ll say it again . . . I loved the old website, and really like this new one, as well

But that doesn’t change the fact there have some changes that are not to my liking

But I’ll continue to be active here, because nobody and nothing’s perfect

not me, and not this website


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How unfortunate for those guests of this message board that relied on the activity badges as background guide. Most of the members with the highest post count were not experienced automotive technicians.

Cholesterol. I do not get it. eat real butter, an occasional egg, bacon, but my good cholesterol was so good Dr and friends were impressed, 86 comes to mind but not sure, I think 225 overalls, with thumbs tucked into armpits!

Unless your diet is really bad, most of the cholesterol is from your genetics.

I noticed that I am starting from scratch too. I have done that a few time over my life. I liked the rankings but also agree that just posting a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right answer. It means you post a lot. Granted, most of our high ranking posters here (or in the old format) are very good technicians with a wealth of knowledge. We know who you are :slight_smile:

I can’t remember what the screen name was but sometime ago someone posted that they did not like getting the Duct Tape Specialist badge because they felt it was demeaning to their ability ( they may have been joking but who can tell ).

I don’t care about ratings or badges but will admit I had 37 off topic flags and told Carolyn if I reached 50 I wanted an Off Topic badge. Of course 17 of those flags were from one person.

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Seems somewhat weird Giving you a like with the heart, no I do not love you, I do not even know you, but @bing want to play golf

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my diet is actually pretty reasonable, but my numbers aren’t good, so I will have to eat VERY healthy

My doctor recently gave me 2 choices . . .

Essentially make no changes and start on cholesterol meds immediately

or eat better, and perhaps more exercise, and have another checkup in a few months time

I chose the latter

I’m not on any meds yet, and would like to delay that for now

My diet includes no soda pop, no fried foods,for the most part, massive quantities of wine and lemonade, salads, and non prefab foods, Sure had tenderloin and salad potatoes and cottage cheese with garden raised chives, pistachios and cashews and sunflower seeds for snacks, along with cherries mango and oranges for lunch and breakfast, 2 slices of hard salami on beefsteak rye bread with brown mustard for lunch sandwisch, once in a while oatmeal for brekfast, used to be massive quantities of scotch, but it was stronger than me.

I don’t mean this to sound rude

In fact, I mean to complement you . . .

Your diet is pretty extreme, versus the average guy in this country

But it seems to be working for you :smile_cat:

I hardly drink at all nowadays. . . I used to, though, BELIEVE me . . . and I don’t have any intention of ramping it up again