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Did we lose our contributator ratings with the move?

It has been asked by several other people in several other places but it seems the web lackey’s are not reading the questions so I start a thread. My question is “where are the indications that we used to have indicating our top 250 or top 20 contributator status”?

No matter. I know who I look up to. Number of posts is not a criterion.

I’m just glad that “the same mountainbike” isn’t now “the same the same mountainbike.” Sometimes I just like to keep the glass half full.

I know, right? It’s enough for us to wrestle with concrete issues, like rating systems and html tags, instead of pondering existential conundrums like whether that mountainbike is truly the same across web domains. Anyway, oldschool, I do have to say the stars/contributor recognition is in the works, but we’ve got to find out what Vanilla has for us in that department.

“…existential conundrums like whether that mountainbike is truly the same across web domains.”

Actually, “the same mountainbike” was “mountainbike” on the forum 2 generations ago. When the recently deceased forum was created, he was forced to change his name to “the same mountainbike”. I imagine it was because someone that never showed up at the forum copped his name. We had to create new usernames when the dearly departed forum was created. Odd how so many of us carp about the new forum when we were so unhappy with the last one. At lest at first. Hang in there, Czarina C. We’ll all love the new forum in a few months.

“Top 20/Top 250 Rankings: We’re also going to find out what are options are under Vanilla to restore recognition of our top posters.” latest quote

I know what is throwing me off, the inital post or question looks just like an answer or comment. For now this does not at all seem “optimal”.

“Top 20/Top 250 Rankings: We’re also going to find out what are options are under Vanilla to restore recognition of our top posters.” latest quote

My mind is totally boggled. “I’m going to find out if the car I just bought is available with a four or six cylinder engine.” The time for the finding out process was last week at the latest. As it is you’re crowd-sourcing what should have been the pre-migration due diligence.

piter, since you’re so boggled and obviously so incensed and acidic about the whole thing, perhaps you can just go find another spot that matches up to your standards. You act like you’re paying for this or something. Since you obviously know so much better perhaps you’d be happier just going off to start your own discussion board someplace else.

In the meantime, you can consider your horse dead. You think there are all sorts of problems that there shouldn’t be. Ok we get it already. It would be one thing if you were helpful. But since you’re mostly interested in un-constructive criticism the choice seems clear. No one is keeping you here.

And those nice little stars are gone too, useful in separating the wheat from the chaff…Of course, you should not be able to add stars to your own post as you could in the old forum…

I tried those little gold star things like they use in school. The dumb things wouldn’t scroll up the screen to stay with the posts I put them on! Now I have to pick them all back off the screen.

I agree w/(TS)TSM.

Vanilla has a voting plug in that allows users to value a post. If that could be ported to rating contributors, that would be a better measure than how many posts someone has pounded out over time. Quality over quantity. Personally, I don’t care if you’ve only had ONE post. If you write something useful for me, I’ll know it regardless of whether or not you have “goodie stars” next to your stage name…

Actually, TT, I fully agree with you. Just because you’re a Top 250, or even Top 20 contrib, doesn’t mean all your advice is helpful. I’ve seen a few I just ignore what they say. I’m trying my best not to fall into that category, btw. :slight_smile:

I only posted the links for those two addon’s as something to help (as I had some time on my hands). I think the comment rating one has some merit, though. Would give us (or whoever) the ability to drive them up or down and out as appropriate.


No, don’t worry about it. I think it’s great you guys are looking into what’s out there, and trying to get acquainted with the new system. We are actively working on moderation and rating stuff (among other things!) and we’ll let you know what’s coming. Thanks for your patience.

You are right a man with a high “top number” can still mess up and give bad info BUT believe it or not it does push me quite a bit to follow up on threads I have started to answer(allways checking EBSCO) and it does push me to check my facts and give the best answer I can.I have said it before my goal in participating is to try and help the public get better service, I hope this is believed, but nothing I can do if it rings false.One of the more satisfying events is when I can direct a reader to a TSB. I do not do so good with car recommendations as I just do not have very much contact with the new cars (in regards to options and size and such) but I do try and read about new technology.It is a bit odd for me right now as we have a high number of posts dealing with the time period (late 90’s early 2K) that I had the most contact with and my specialities were AC,electrical, light line, interior trim and accessories. I did much more maintenance with BMW in the years 2000-2002 than I did GM(GM was repairs). I left my last BMW Dealer (in Milwaukee) in 2001,went to a GM Dealer, then a Honda Dealer,then KIA, Then I had to retire in 2005 as my back got wacked.I really do miss being “out of the loop” when it comes to BMW but my Master Tech friend says I am not missing much (except the cars) as the Dealer I used to work at, and he does now is owned by Auto Nation and I do not have a lot of postive things to say about Auto Nation. My Master Tech friend is about 38 and is trying to get on with the Border Patrol. I look at all that experience that will go to waste but I cannot live his life.

" Just because you’re a Top 250, or even Top 20 contrib, doesn’t mean all your advice is helpful."

Advice is great, but the forum is about having fun, too. It would be a dreary place to hang out if we only offered severe advice on car problems. Certainly we are mostly about fixing friends car problems, but there is room for fun, too.

" Just because you’re a Top 250, or even Top 20 contrib, doesn’t mean all your advice is helpful."

I am proof to the fact…

I agree, there is not an absolute link,that is not in dispute. I do ask, who is it that determines if your advice is helpful, the 3% that actually say so or the 97% that we never hear from again? Then there is a portion of that 3% that write back that would not know a proper repair if they never had to return for the same problem.

Even if you post a clear accurate diagnostic process,with links to technical sources all

you can conclude is that your advice had or has the potential to be helpful. For that matter perhaps what is written and what the OP is instructed to do is not even a possibility considering what we do not know about the OP.

All we can do is try our best to put the OP on a path to getting the problem resolved, we cannot forced them to take advice OR is the decision about advice being helpful all up to some sort of kangaroo court? There are some Forum members that have such a poor relationship it is a bit like Obama and the Tea Party, nothing Obama says or does can be the right thing or even a helpful thing in the collective minds of Tea Partiers.

I wasn’t trying to insult anyone. I started off here by listening (OK, reading) carefully the comments specifically from those top posters. It doesn’t take very long at all to figure out who’s advice tends to be spot on, and who’s doesn’t. If the OP’s don’t come back, we’re just left guessing, and that seems to be the norm. It’s unfortunate, but what can you do?

I’d love to be able to “click up” a few people out here. I’ve seen you guys come out with some stuff that seems amazing to me. I stopped this as a profession back in the mid-80’s (grease was out, new wife, computers were in), so I’m somewhat out of touch with all the new sensors and stuff. Mechanical items are a breeze, and pretty much always have been (if you read my “Credentials Please” post, you may remember). I’m pretty good with the few cars I do know about (far better with my bikes), but I’m always up for learning.

The new guys/gals after some advice have nothing by way of who may be helpful, and who’s spouting crap. Which leads back to the area oldschool started a post about as an intro area. Something to give new posters some required info. That would be cool, as (obviously) some people don’t know what to say, and you have to drag it out of them.

Trying to offer a suggestion or two. Computers happens to be my real field of expertise at the moment. Cars is more of a passion. I was just agreeing with TwinTurbo and the same mountainbike, in that if you post one excellent diagnostic, we should be able to click that up, too.


Do you want to take up the job of correcting incorrect information? For one Chassos you do not have the “bona-fides’ and the whole concept of 'I am going to look at what top 20 people post and target their answers for correctness” can put you on a path of trouble maker rather than proofreader. I firmly believe that the Top 20 ratings causes a lot of jealously and resentement BUT at the same time I have made this field (not posting on Forums, but automechanics)my lifes work, this was not a hobby for me and there is a world of difference in regards to how you develope working “under the shade tree” and when you work where it is someones wallet that is getting opened up and you have to be accurate, fast and able to relate your findings to others in the chain of people involved with fixing cars where you work. I have seen first hand the many pratical ways how problems actually get handled. I ask you stop your crusade against people that hold (or perhaps have held) Top 20 ratings and make your posts the most accurate, helpful possible and design the posts with and eye towards fairness towards both the shop/mechanic and the customer. I have noticed this “zeroing-in” on Top 20 people by one other new member and this member has nothing to give to the discussion only grammar corrections and smart a** retorts. I ask, don’t be this person, we are all aware that at times people make errors in what they post, use a few lines to point out why you think an error has been made but concentrate on making your post the best it can be, don’t get on the "I am tearing this guy up because I don’t like it that he has a “top 20” rating, this behaviour is very wasteful and causes conflict within the Forum.