Whatever happened to

…some of our long-term forum members, such as CSA, Oldschool, and Whitey?

It seems that I have not seen Oldschool in this forum for…at least 6 months, and CSA seems to be among the missing for over 1 month.
I don’t recall when I last saw one of Whitey’s posts, but he seems to be among the missing also.

While I certainly don’t miss the departure of a few highly combative folks, these 3 guys did make valuable contributions!

Wonder if they had problems like I did for a while, unable to log in, caquila eventually got it fixed.

Perhaps they’ve moved on. If I can hook up with a rich woman, you might never see me again either!

Perhaps these long time forum members have moved to another forum. In keeping with the spirit of major sports, you might suggest to the manager of this site that they could trade Triedaq and a first round draft choice of new automobile wizards to the forum where one of these long time members might have gone for one of these old timers. If Triedaq’s automotive advice is as bad as his solutions for solving problems around the house, you won’t miss him.

Mrs. Triedaq

Not all the problems are fixed.

“If I can hook up with a rich woman, you might never see me again either!”

If you had a sweetie that kept you in the manner you deserve, you would have a lot more time on your hands to provide your excellent advice.

I especially found CSA a lot of fun, and Whitey, too. CSA does dial-up and maybe the site requires too much band width for his 56KBPS modem. In that vein, it would be nice if there was a version that required less data transfer. Don’t sell Triedaq sort, Mrs. T, I enjoy his company. And if he is on line, he isn’t annoying you. You should appreciate the breaks you get, even if they are short.

I can post only 50% of the time…This site can be difficult to use…Guys just drift away after a while…

Gee, I hope they’re ok.
I stopped posting a while back when I got deathly ill with a blood stream staph infection that left me with next to zero platelets and kidneys that went haywire , utimately resulting in open heart surgery to replace the mitral valve damaged by the infection.
— there was quite a span of time there that I both had no access to, and no desire to post anything at all. ( yes I noticed that nobody missed me, I’m just a parts guy with no real unique input. )

Has anybody seen 'em over on The Old Wrench ?

I’m glad you recovered, Ken. I don’t ask where people have been because it’s their business, and if they want to share personal information, it is up to them. There was a time not long ago when all that would have killed you for sure. It’s stories like this that make me think this is a good time to be alive.

Have not been to old wrench for a while, I think oldschool rejoined with former wifey and is devoting time to family and kids, CSA may have to make a new log in, as I did and gave up, as I almost did, as it seems really hard. Ken don’t take it personally… Glad you are posting again.

The OW has died down quite a bit. The spammers are hitting it pretty heavy.
Count my vote as hoping you continue to do well Mr. Green and your input is valued; a lot.

Now is always a good time to be alive. Better than being dead.

Sometimes it gets a little tedious reading the same questions over and over, and I lose interest in the forum. Really, how many times can you come up with a witty response to “should I fix the car or dump it?” and “My car makes a loud clunking when I turn left.”

Then someone writes something really weird, and I’m back. You never know; maybe someone needs my Honda scooter expertise.

I hope they are well (Ken, glad you are fine also) and its a minor glitch with thier computers. For some of the AWOL fellas the past several months they offered good posts but morphed into online bullies.
But sometimes one just needs to step back and take a breather.

Ken brought up an excellent point. I too hope they’re all well. Many of us who hang out here are folks who are on in years and have some time on our hands. I myself have had two heart attacks since I began posting on this forum, and anything is possible.

I prefer to thiink they’re all well and have simply found other things that interest them more.

I have missed Craig58 for a number of years. He was quite expert on German cars, especially Mercedes.

A great many have come and gone since my first appearance. Fast Jeff, Slanter. MrsAOD, Impala and jay come to mind. Do those names ring a bell to anyone else? I know every change here has required me to change my handle. And the original format did not require registering so a post could be made using any title or just gibberish to fill the line. And the threads remained in chronological order, so when a thread was popular it might require scrolling through many pages of newer topics to check on newly added posts. As for me, I am retired and when for whatever reason I find myself inside I often drop in here for a few laughs. Is there any way to access archives to the old forums?

I’m with docnick. I don’t think I’ve seen craig58 since CT switched over to the red boarders on the last “update”. I have Whitey on facebook, so he’s alive and well, he’s just given up on this place for now

Whitey went through his icons, If the hairy guy is what was good, scared for the future.

Rod Knox, they do to me. Let’s go back even more. Remember Buzz Lightyear, Coopmeister, Nette? Coop even married a gal posting here (Nova Girl?). Course that was back in the late 90s iirc. I believe TSM (mountain bike) and OK4450 are from around that era as well.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the thread “why did the chicken cross the road?” again. That was probably the longest in history and very funny.

Rant and Rave was a real free for all, TwinTurbo. And I enjoyed all the insanity there. I spilled a lot of coffee laughing at posts while eating lunch. Who was the lurker who seemed to be the devils advocate to everyone?