It's happening again!

For a few days, it appeared that the site’s web lackeys had corrected the need to sign in again periodically. Now, it seems that the problem has returned.

If we report the problem three times, can we invoke the Lemon Law?


Yup. We’ll get a full refund.

It’s happening to me again too. But amongst it all I really do appreciate their maintaining the forum at zero cost to us.

Me too.
ex ; I’ll finish a post loke this, hit submit, then need to log in again !

Or, I’ll have been away for work ( only minimizing the screen ), return to the screen , click on recent discussions ro renew the page,

and need to log in again.

The only way I can stay signed in is to go to the top and click on “Topic Index” after each comment. If I use the back arrow it logs me off when the page displays.

But not for the last two hours-ish,

makin’ a liar outa me.

Ah-ha !
did it again.

It’s never happened to me. I’m using Firefox on Windows XP.

Three days later, it is still happening on an intermittent basis.

Never happened to me. i’m using safari

We’ve been trying to figure this out for the last three weeks. I won’t go into all our attempts at recreating the problem and our various theories just yet, because at 4:25 PM EST today (5/25/2010) we did a database rollback in hopes that this may fix the problem, so let’s start there.

Can folks confirm that they are still having (or not having) the logout problem?

And if you’re still having the problem, any information you can provide around when and under what circumstances it occurs would be helpful.


Still hasn’t happened to me either - same set up. Firefox version is 3.5.9

Has not happened to me. Running Firefox on Windows7

About an hour ago, after being away from the computer for several hours, I again found myself to be logged off. This seems to happen several times a day, and I cannot seem to predict when it will happen.

Sometimes I will be logged off in the matter of just a few minutes, and sometimes it takes a few hours. I am using IE, but I am not sure which version I have. Whatever came bundled with Windows Vista in June, 2008 is the version of IE that I am using.

One known security “feature” of the software is that if you’re logged in from multiple browsers or from multiple computers it will log off the first instance.

VDCdriver: any chance that this might be the problem?

It seems to be an ongoing problem. I am constantly finding I am logged out when I go to reply. Just have to login again. A good reason to have a short login name and pass word.

Logging in is not a problem for me. I use the same computer all the time, running Firefox and Vista. I am always logged out, but my username and password are always in the field when I enter the page, so I just hit Login.


I use only one computer, and one browser.

I remember a graph, as web design and maintenance is one of my hats, it seems firefox users are OK.

Safari or Firefox, no problems.

I was knocked off once while using IE.

I have a Mac and use Firefox or Safari. I have Car Talk on my menu bar and one click puts me on site and I have never been kicked off.