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I like my new tires

I just bought 4 Yokohama Avid ENVigor tires for my car, and they’re great. They are a lot quieter than the old tires. Age may have something to do with the noise, but I don’t remember the Michelin MXV4 tires ever being this quiet. I did get 73,000 miles out of the MXV4s and there was a little life left in the front tires. But I just couldn’t pass up the 4 for 3 deal. $551, including alignment. I’m pleased with the deal, and I’m increasingly pleased with the shop. One more thing: they are directional tires, and the handling should be improved from the Michelin’s.

Glad you like them.

I will only state at the end of tire’s life they grow louder (even subtly) so it may not be a valid comparison of tires since comparing old to new.

Thanks for the feedback. I usually buy Michelins but I may check out the Yokahama brand when I need new tires.

“I will only state at the end of tire’s life they grow louder (even subtly) so it may not be a valid comparison of tires since comparing old to new.”

That’s what I meant with the age comment on the MXV4s.

I’ve had generally good luck with Yokohamas, especially the ES-100 summer performance line that they just recently discontinued (-sigh-). They do tend to wear faster than some other brands, however. Oftentimes you can’t even get a treadlife warranty with them.

There’s a 60,000 mile tread wear warranty and a warranty against tire failure for 5 years. The Avid Touring S tires I have on my Regal and Silhouette have a 65,000 mile tread wear warranty and the same failure warranty.

I started out ready to buy Touring S tires, but after looking at the tests and user survey on Tire Rack, I decided to spend the extra $48 for the ENVigors. They are top rated in the user survey for high performance, all-season radials. The ENVigors also were top rated in a Tire Rack test, comparing Firestone Precision Sport, Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S, and Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 tires. They tied the Sumitomos and barely beat the Michelins.

I like a quiet tire, but quietness is just one factor. Traction, treadwear,etc. are important considerations as well. Years ago, I bought Atlas tires at the Standard station where I traded. The tires were seemed noisy on wet pavement. However, these tires also had much better traction on wet pavement than the tires they replaced, even when the original tires were new.

Absolutely. I was also attracted by the wet traction of the new tires (in the road test); something the MXV4s were short on. The Michelins spun when starting on wet roads for the last 2 or 3 years.

I’ve heard good things about the new Yokos, particularly the S.Drive models. I too just bought new tires. After three sets of BF Goodrich (one set of G-Force Sports and two sets of G-Force KDW2s), I went with Bridgestone Potenza RE760’s. I thought about going with the RE050As but, the 760’s seemed to be the better value and had similar reviews. I’ve only had them on the car for about a month. They are definitely quieter than the KDW2’s, and they ride smoother, but they seem to have a bit less ultimate grip in the dry. I’ll have to reserve further judgment for a few more months.

I just picked up a pair of Avid S for my van a few weeks ago. I’ll be getting the other pair before winter. I’d call it a little early to tell what I think, esp. w/out all 4 on.

But the best set of tires I’ve ever owned are Kumho Solus KR-21s. I’m running them right now on my Escort wagon. I did do the selection via Tire Rack’s reviews. They are on the inexpensive end (less than average). Quiet as a whisper, and have been the most even wearing tire I’ve ever seen (I do rotate regularly). They have something like 50-60K on them (lost the receipt & mileage) and still look to have another 20. They are still whisper quiet and I have never had any kind of traction problem. I’ll probably just put another set on when the time comes.

Those ENVs are apparently only available in a fairly narrow size range.

Handling should be improved? Of course; you want to like them; after all they were your choice.

If you want to compare tire brand noise, drive a little under traffic speed with your window open, listen to new cars going around you and then determine what brand they have as original. Be aware that road surfaces vary to make tires quiet or noisy.

Also, wait until the tires are worn in a little to avoid premature judgment and then issue feedback.

“Handling should be improved? Of course; you want to like them; after all they were your choice.”

You’re right. But that’s why there are tests. In the list below, column 1 is the Michelin Primacy MXV4 and column 2 is the Yokohama Avid ENVigor. They are close in dry performance, but wet performance is much better for the Yokohama’s.

slalom, dry             4.21    4.14
slalom, wet             5.04    4.27
lap time, dry          30.49   30.22
lap time, wet          35.01   31.70
stopping distance dry  91.10   93.50    
stopping distance wet 110.90  102.90 
skid pad g's dry        0.93    0.91
skid pad g's wet        0.72    0.79

I can only hope I have good luck with my Yokohamas when I get them. Even though I just got my car a few months ago, I’m really wanting to get those crappy RS-As off and some Parada Spec-Xs on. I’m giving the RS-As until tax return time, so hopefully they’ll do OK this coming winter, atleast until I can get the others.