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Recommendation for tires for a 2006 Honda Civic?

I need replace the factory tires on a 2006 Honda Civic with 74K. My driving is mostly highway and I live in the Mid-Atlantic region. I am happy to pay a bit more for safety and longer tire life. Added fuel efficiency and a quiet ride are secondary concerns.

I like the Michelin Hydroedge.

I replaced the OEM Michelin tires on my Accord with Yokohama Avid ENVigor H-rated tires. I’m very satisfied with them. Your OEM tires also have an H speed rating. MIchelin Pilot Exalto tires would be equivalent, but cost 20% more. In a Tire Rack test, the ENVigors rated slightly better than the Pilot Exaltos. If they are roughly equivalent and cost less, I think you should consider the Yokohamas.

research there and pick the one you like best

Both keith’s and jt’s recommendations are good ones. The Yoko should be cheaper, but that company makes one hell of a good tire.

Only read this if winter traction is a concern.

My experience (broad generalization) is that Yokohama makes great tires at the expense of winter traction abilities. Make sure to research this aspect further and remember tirerack ratings rarely if ever test winter traction unless stated.

It’s going to be hard to find tires that will last longer than 74,000 miles.

I just put the same Avid ENVigor tires on my Matrix last week.
I’ve only put ~200 miles on them, but so far they are far better than the OEM Continentals that only lasted 25k miles.

I use Goodyear Integrity tires on my 1998 Civic. I am happy with them, and I’m on my second set.

There are so many tire choices that it can really get confusing. My BIL just got some Generals and seems happy with them. I just use my local Goodyear store for recommendations on what works good in Minnesota for different cars. They carry other brands as well. I have found the customer reviews on Tire Rack though a little Unreliable. For example, I have the Hankook 725 on my Pontiac as OEM. I have had little trouble in rain, snow or ice with them. From the tire rack comments though, some like them and some said they are terrible and scarry. So there really is no reliable way to tell if they are any good or not. So I’d just recommend talking to the local shops to see what they recommend and then looking at the Tire Rack info to make a decision.

The best name brand tires I’ve personally owned (and currently have on my Lincoln) are Bridgestones. Traction and tread life has always been good no matter the particular type of Bridgestone.

The worst tires I’ve owned was a set of Kellys some years back. Those things would lose traction without even moving… :slight_smile:

I put Michelin Hydroedge on my 99 Civic EX two months ago. They are great all-round and I do think my MPG have improved. They are unidirectional. I also use Michelin winter tires on separate rims.

The site has lots of useful comparison information. Decide what criteria matter most for your usage, then buy from tirerack (always been fine for me) or locally (also always been fine for me.)

“My experience (broad generalization) is that Yokohama makes great tires at the expense of winter traction abilities.”

Tire Rack said that the grip was excellent on the Avid ENVigors. I had no problems with traction this last winter. TR owner surveys also rate winter traction very high.