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Need a Tire Recommendation

I’m trying to choose between the more expensive Michelin Primacy MXV4 and the less expensive (in my size) Primacy MXM4. The latter is too new to have reviews. I know that the former is very well regarded and has a higher mileage warranty (thought that’s not something I will really need). Anyone familiar with the newer one? I would say I do about half and half highway to in-city driving.

The MXM4 is slightly more performance oriented. You’re splitting hairs and you probably won’t notice any difference in day to day driving unless you are a professional driver on a track with computer equipment measuring ride dynamics. So, get whatever makes you feel good.

In selecting tires, consider their dry/wet braking ratings and what weather conditions you drive in: dry, rain, snow and ice conditions unless you live in an area where you don’t get snow/ice. In any case, the strength and construction of the tire is also an important consideration. Michelin makes a wicked good tire, by the way.

Hope that this is of some help to you.

Al in MD

little off topic, but I love Hankooks. awesome tire

Wet, yes. Snow and ice, rarely. I live in Houston. My dilemma is that I usually go by Consumer Reports ratings, and it rates the Primacy MXV4 very highly as one of its recommended tires. But it doesn’t deal with the new MXM4 at all, I suppose because it is too new. And that’s why I can’t find any reviews online either except for articles that just spout the data that Michelin itself puts out. But the unknown, untested MXM4 is cheaper in the size I need (and that makes me wonder, too, if it is as good–except that in other sizes the M4 is higher). I was told that my size tire is so common that Michelin made it cheaper in that size to saturate the market. I guess all I want to know is if I get the cheaper tire, would I be compromising on quality. I know Michelin is a great brand–but not on every single tire.

After doing my homework at I replaced the factory MXV4’s on my wifes 02 Sonata with Yokohama avid touring-s

Less than half the price of the Michelins and lasted longer to boot.

After 63 K miles replaced them with another set of the same.

Paying twice the money for the Michelin badge makes no sense to me.

I went to that website and don’t know what you mean by “homework” since all I see about tires is links to tire manufacturers or sellers. As I said, I’ve always listened to Consumer Reports and have never been disappointed. So I went back to the latest issue and found Yokohama listed twice, both under “ultra high performance summer tires.” The advan sport is rated #14 and the is rated last of 21. I’m going for all season tires, actually 3-season, and the V4 is recommended in two categories: best balance of 3-season performance and long tread life and best balance of good grip and fuel efficiency. I just don’t know whether the M4 would be rated best in both those categories. Also, your tire is in fact way more expensive (according to CR) than either of the Michelins I’m considering. So, as you say in your last sentence, that makes no sense to me either. Perhaps the tire you bought isn’t reviewed.

Your focus is too narrow. There are other good tires out there for less money.

Since I’m no judge myself, I have to depend on some outside source to make judgments for me.