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Best inexpensive brand tire for size 205 65 15 tire

I would like to ask anyone sho has has experience with tires to recommend their best performing brand tire for all seasons.

I’m on my second set of “Yokohama avid touring S” on my wifes 02 Sonata

I also put them on my 09 Rondo & on my MIL’s 01 Civic.

Nice tires & the price is right.

Take a look at the owners comments on these & other tires at

Somehow inexpensive tire isn’t what you should be looking for…pick one with best driving characteristics eg. wet weather etc. safety first when it comes to tires.

There are a thousand different “brands” of tires. They are all made by 20 or 30 different companies that can actually manufacture a tire…It’s about shelf-space and shelf-life…More and more are being made in China…All “Name Brand” tire dealers also carry “Private Brand” tires.

It’s very, very hard to find a really crappy tire… All tires are labeled as to tread-wear, traction and temperature. They also have a speed rating. You want a tire with a treadwear over 450, traction “A” and temperature “A or B”… S, T, or H speed rating is satisfactory for 99% of drivers…Tire salesmen will do everything they can to “upsell” you but as you head out the door, they will suddenly find the right tire at the right price. This is a dog eat dog competitive business.


I agree with this recommendation. I have these tires on 2 of my cars. Keep an eye out for a 4-for-3 sale. I got new Yokohama Avid ENVigors this way, and they were less than the Avid Touring S tires with the sale. Hey, get the ENVigors if they are on a 4-for-3 sale.

One more thing: make sure you know the full cost of replacing the tires. You need to know if there are mounting, balancing, and disposal costs (there might be others). Tell them you want the price out the door, and find out what a 4-wheel alignment costs, too.

I concur Yokohama tires are decent - excellent tires for a decent price. I would be wary with them though if you encounter snow a regular basis. They give up winter performance in order to do well otherwise.

I would simply call a few places and see what transpires. I bet in your popular size there are 100 different tires you can choose.

Yokohama Avids are among the best according to Tire Rack, both in their tests and user response. I used both sources to decide on my last 3 sets of tires.