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Quality Tires

Hello everyone. Its getting around that time where my old tires are really worn out, and I need to get new ones. However, I know very little about tire brands and whats good and whats not, and I don’t even know where to begin for a good reputable resource to find out whats what. I drive an '02 Accord, and I want good quality tires that’ll be good year round (winter & Summer), good comfortable/quiet ride, but is efficient in the sense of safety (water wicking and traction), and they can handle these situations at low speeds as well as highway travel. I’m completely in the dark about what kind of tires to purchase. It seems like there are a million brands out there, and each location that installs them has their own unique brands (Pep Boys, for example). Where do I start, or better yet, does anyone has any suggestions?



I use Tirerack’s website ( - they have tons of tires and for each tire tons of reviews. For many tires there are also test results.

You can just go plug your car in and it will show you all OEM size tires. You can also just say to show the best sellers. Then start reading reviews.

The last set of tires I bought were Kumho Solus KR21s that I run on a Ford Escort, and I used Tirerack’s reviews to decide on them. They’re the best tires I ever bought - quiet, never a hint of traction problems, wearing very well, not very expensive. (I also don’t buy the top of the line. I just search for reasonable middle-range price/quality.)

Thank you very much. I’ve got a lot of homework to do before I make a purchase!

I bought a set of Yokohama AVID Touring-S tires for my wife’s 06 Sienna from Tire Rack. The tires are quiet, ride nice, and have decent rain and snow traction. The prices are reasonable too. My mechanic charged about $70 for valve stems, mounting and balancing. Don’t forgot to add that to the price of the tires.

Ed B.

Hey Ed B. - oddly enough I was just looking at those tires for my Silhouette. Good price. Good reviews. How many miles did you get onto them so far? Some tires start out great but then go downhill fast.

I’ve been pleased with my Toyo tires so far.

Here another vote for Yokohama Avids, I have a set of Avid H4s tires, like them so far, consistent with the positive reviews I saw at I bought them at a local Discount Tire. Sams and Costco also have good tires at good prices.

I don’t drive the Sienna much (unless it need gas) but the missus is happy with them so far. She has put about 5k on the tires and they seem to be holding up. Time will tell.

Ed B.

Tires are pretty much a commodity type product. If you liked what you had, get those again or any familiar brand name with an identical traction, treadwear and heat resistance rating on the sidewall. If you want a low price, buy what you will. If you favor US employment, make sure that the sidewall says Made in USA. If you want low rolling resistance for better gas mileage, there are a few tires dedicated to that too now.

Any good tire salesman will more likely sell you what he has in stock and will find something nice to tell you about that particular choice.

When is the last time you heard someone complain about their tire choice? Never happened for me. I buy tires at a local farm supply store; have not been choosy about anything except the price (must be tending low) and treadwear (must be tending high).

Buy locally or from a place like WM or Sears so you have easy recourse if there is a problem.

“Buy locally or from a place like WM or Sears”

This is a good point. I failed to mention that I use Tirerack’s website but I don’t buy tires from them. I just use them to know what I want. Then I ask my shop to get them. The shop is a local independent alignment/tire place. I think of that as local - rather than WM or Sears, btw.

I put the Avids on my Buick Regal and they were a big improvement over the older tires. They were attractively priced, too.

I have a set of these on my Civic and am happy with them

edit: my mom has a set of these on her car and is happy with them

Also look at Consumer Reports, Nov 09, if you want to match particular tire qualities (wet traction, snow traction, etc) to your vehicle or region.