Hyundai warranty a joke

Well informed enough to know beyond doubt that the vehicles I own have to have that American Car badge (You know… baseball, Chevrolet, American flag…), not one that obviously represents a corporation that was not part of the country I grew up in, so I guess we’ll both have our opinions and agree to disagree. That’s just how I roll! But, thanks for your concern. :wink:
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You mean American Car Maker Chevrolet (made in Mexico, etc) which is more than happy to fire domestic workers in order to open a plant somewhere that labor is cheaper?

They aren’t showing loyalty to their fellow countrymen when they throw their US workers onto the unemployment line. I therefore see no reason to show any particular loyalty to them simply because of some misplaced patriotic “we’re all in it together” fantasy that no longer exists, if it ever did.


As I said, you are entitled to buy whatever you choose and so am I. Also, as I said we can agree to disagree.
I will reserve commenting on why I must choose the good ole American Car nameplates that I grew up with. I’ve done it in the past and some found it offensive.

Anyhow, I don’t quite understand why this (my personal choice of cars) seems to hit a nerve in so many folks :thinking:, but for me, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!

Mind you that it’s not just me who feels this way. Up north there can be 100 vehicles in the Country Club parking lot and ordinarily 97% of them proudly wear American badges!

Down south here, I’d say there is far greater diversity of car makes.
However, I don’t really care what others decide to purchase. That’s okay. It’s everybody’s personal taste.
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You always compare to your little world…and never look beyond. You look out the window and see it’s sunny and can’t understand why people are complaining about being flooded.

You ignore basic science and math because it doesn’t fit in YOUR world belief.

Contrary to what your little world tells you…But Asian vehicles have had a much higher reliability rating then American vehicles for decades. You either don’t believe the evidence or you can’t understand the evidence. Probably both.

The comparison reviews and surveys and stats showing asian vehicles have been more reliable then American vehicles for several decades now are far far too numerous to list. But you’d ignore it anyway.


I just read that the 15 cars most likely to be kept 15 years or longer by the purchasers are 10 Toyotas, 4 Hondas, and the Forester. I’m seeing a pattern…


Pattern recognition is something not all of us are born with, and some of us choose to ignore. :wink:


I personally appreciate that you like what you like, and that it’s going well for you. My only objection to your position is your insinuation that there is virtue associated with your preference. That idea, that your preference is more virtuous than any other, is offensive because it is wrong on many levels, mostly because executives from Detroit’s big three automakers have displayed behavior that is anything but virtuous.

Have executives from other companies also behaved poorly? (I’m looking at you, Volkswagen!) Sure, but aside from Japanese CEOs who hold themselves accountable for their company’s performance and pay themselves modest salaries (for a CEO), I’m not claiming virtue where there is none.


I buy the vehicle that fits my needs. I don’t care about the nameplate. I had a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander that I sold to our son. I would have purchased another GM minivan, but General Motors quit making minivans. My son now has well over 200,000 miles on the Uplander and it has never had anything except tires, batteries , brake pads and the necessary fluid changes. I replaced the Uplander with a 2011 Toyota Sienna. It has been satisfactory, although at 90,000 miles it needed a water pump replacement at $975. I got about 40,000 miles out of a set of tires on the Sienna, but I got 60,000 out of the same brand on the Uplander. For the first 100,000 miles, my cost per mile was less on the Uplander.
Our son now has the 2011 Sienna as well as the Uplander. I have a 2017 Sienna. For me, the front seat and driving position were more comfortable on the Uplander.
Now, a sample of size 1 proves nothing. I am happy with the Sienna. What I am saying is that on the minivans I’ve owned, the quality is about the same between the Chevrolet, Toyota and the earlier Ford Aerostar and Ford Windstar that I owned.

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Because you laid it on super thick, as you have a tendency to do

I hope you’re kidding . . . because that particular phrase is one which has been misused way too many times already

And out of those 97%, how many of them do you know for a fact were built in USA . . . ?!

The ones in our fleet have needed a little more attention than your son’s Uplander. But generally they’ve been okay. They’re not bad vehicles, in any case. I feel they’re a little under-rated. I like the ride and the seating. The interior build quality is okay, but no more.


Like said before many times, there has never been a law that someone somewhere wasn’t in favor of. On my office bulletin board, I had a cartoon saying that no one was safe while the Legislature was in session. Still true. Also said a few times, a 100,000 mile or lifetime warranty is only as good as the company providing it. It wasn’t that long ago that warranties were in the 2-3,000 mile range on new cars. Anything after that was on your own nickle.

@Bing brings up a very good point

I believe ANY new car warranty in the USA is quite generous, compared to “the going rate” in many other countries

And I don’t mean simply the length of time. I also mean that things are warrantied here that the dealership and manufacturer would laugh at in other countries.

In some regards, we’re fortunate :smiley:

There’s always somebody who’s worse off than we are :frowning_face:


I’ll ask my son if he remembers that, he has owned a number of new cars.

Yup, if your son is 65 plus years old he might remember that.

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“It wasn’t that long ago” in the history of man but more than a lifetime for most of the population. I saw the last of the 12 month/12,000 mile new car warranties in the beginning of my career.

The 75 and beyond Chevy Vega’s had a 50k mile warranty. It didn’t stop the engine from burning oil at 60k miles.

Until 1963, the standard new car warranty was 90 days or 4000 miles. Chrysler Corp. increased the engine and power train warranty to 5 years or 50,000 miles. It cost then very little as far as the power train is concerned because statistically most problems will occur almost immediately due to manufacturing defects.
Many of the Chrysler products in 1963 had the Torqueflyte automatic transmission which was quite durable. The 225 cubic inch slant six and the 318 cubic inch V8 were used in many Plymouth and Dodge models and this was a trouble free engine for the time period.
The other manufacturers gradually.increased their warranties. I bought a 1965 Rambler in 1965 with 7000 miles on the odometer. I got the rest of the two year 24000 mile warranty. As I remember, the 1990 Ford Aerostar van I bought in 1991 had a three year 36000 mile warranty. The engine had to be replaced at 32,000 miles and it was covered.

I’ve written so many to all that would take case on. Purchased used yet bought with included 60,000 mile manufacturer warranty still. Have all paperwork & receipt. Had engine issues since week 1. Emitting smoke burning oil etc. The dealership actually were to replace engine so they said week 1. They had for 6months. Then I get back 1day less than 24hrs oil had been leaking out onto my garage. Was told cracked oil adapter needed to be replaced. I’m now on high alert but they seem to be fixing. I’m trusting them at their word & under warranty. Fast forward. Still hesitating to change gears, randomly emitting smoke. I keep constant check on oil. I frequently visit lube shop to have oil added quart/ quarts less than 1,000 miles. I hire lawyer then was told their lawyer could drag this out for years. Time I don’t have. Dealership now not quite as friendly but they start oil consumption test. After 2 oil check they refused to give me receipt of my paperwork & tell me to go to another dealership from now on. I then go to GM at dealership & he states also they “will no longer work on my car”. I’m mad but can’t make them take it. Hyundai is & has been aware that the dealerships now 2 I’ve tried do not want to touch my car. Apparently if no one wants to work on them there must be a problem. Hyundai tells me they will fix if problem on their end but I will have to PAY the towing to try a 3rd maybe 4th & who knows how long till I find someone who will work on it. They should be sending Hyundai mechanics to my closest dealership or buy back. I will never recommend Hyundai. It was a cheaper version of what I wanted of a Toyota Rav but you get what you pay for. Don’t buy into Hyundai warranty, I haven’t found anyone who wants to do the work…

If I understand all that correctly, there are now two dealerships that have turned away your business and refuse to do warranty work? How is that Hyundai’s fault?

…and Hyundai is willing to fix the car as long as you can get the car to one of their dealerships that is willing to do business with you? That seems fair.

Hyundai doesn’t own dealerships, and they never promised there would be a dealership near your home that can fix the problem and is willing to do business with you.

The fact that there are two dealerships that have told you, “We don’t want your business,” is a red flag, and I’m wondering what happened during those interactions that would make them make that decision.

Looking closely at your story, the fact that it is a Hyundai is really irrelevant. If your car was a Toyota, or a Honda, or a Ford, and you got turned away by your local dealerships for warranty work, you’d be in the same exact bind.

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I’ve had my Mazda Miata since I bought it new in 1993. I bought my Subaru Outback in 2010, it’s a 2005, I still drive it. The Miata is my daily driver.

Richard , this thread is about a person with Hyundai warranty problems . Me thinks you are on the wrong thread.