Hyundai warranty a joke

Regarding warranties, back in the 1980s it was common for Subaru to have A/C units added on. This was done at (in the case of OK) at the port in Houston, TX or by the selling dealer. People thought they were getting “factory A/C” when nothing was further from the truth., I installed many of them.

The sticky part on this was that the port installed units were done in 2 man teams. One guy under the hood and one inside the car. This job was done in something like 35 minutes and the installers were paid piece work. This would sometimes result in installation issues.

The REAL sticky part and unknown to car buyers was that the A/C warranty on port installed units was 90 days. Period. This meant that if the car sat on the dealer lot for 3 months and 5 days pre-sale the warranty was up on any A/C installation. This in turn meant the dealer mechanics got hosed by having to fix port errors for free.

As for the Hyundai they are NOT going to send any Hyundai mechanics to the dealer to work on your car. They have none. They’re all at the dealer. And Hyundai is not going to do a buy back on a used car.
As Whitey correctly mentions the brand is irrelevant. Many people go through the same thing no matter the make; be it Acura all the way through to Zundapp with the latter long being gone.

Did I miss the reason 2 dealers have said they will not work on this vehicle ?


op hasn’t yet told us the reason

Yes it should be dealership at fault 1st. They did service over many times & now have apparently no motivation to do the work. I do feel the dealership knew there was a problem before they sold me the car. They may have even tried to fix. Problem still exists. After research I’ve found other Hyundai owners close to my year with same issues. Hyundai has said they will fix that’s great, yet 2 dealerships now don’t seem to find anything wrong. I know they’re waiting for warranty to expire only 400 miles to go. My gut says they know something is wrong but they don’t want to deal with it. Just push me off again till she eats it. I hate car salesman

Yes. Have so much paperwork from service invoices to oil added receipts from local lube shop. The original dealership did do a lot. Yet problem still exists. They started oil consumption test & refused to give me receipt 2nd time showing I had burned out oil less than 1,000 miles & was told from now on go to another dealership. So I did. Dealership number 2 said couldn’t find read any codes & to try again with 1st dealership. I’m curious why no dealership wants to work on this car anymore. I do believe original dealership knew this car had problems before they sold to me. For some reason they have no motivation to honor Hyundai warranty & do the work. Nor can I make anyone. That is my dilemma. I feel Hyundai Corp is large enough to enforce that someone should be available to do the work.

Why not just trade this thing off ? Life is too short to have this much irritation over a vehicle .

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I still have a feeling that perhaps a few pertinent details have been omitted

What was the tone of the interactions at the dealership(s) . . . ?

Polite but firm . . . ?

Angry and yelling . . . ?


AI agree with db. I think we missed some things. It evidently was sold as a used car by the dealership. An oil consumption test was done the results of which may or may not have shown excess consumption. Just not known. OP claims they wouldn’t tell them but maybe it was negative. Check engine light coming on again may or may not be a warranty issue anymore. We just don’t know and it might be the dealer just wants to end this negative relationship. Then the mention of dealing with a sales person? Why a sales person at this point? Should be service manager. The sales person really is done after selling and delivering the car, except for maybe a few good will services.

Like I said, I knew a guy that neither the Chev, Ford, or Plymouth dealership in town would deal with anymore because he took up so much of their time for no benefit.

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I’ll take “people who don’t take ‘no’ for an answer” for 1,000, Alex!

Geez. I can’t put every single situation into this story. Just facts of under manufacturer warranty & dealership I bought from refused to do anymore work. I did get pissy 1 of the probably 10 I had to bring into service. I did trust them until I didn’t. Way too many times to be in service. I will throughly have my next car checked by my own trusted mechanic before 3 day grace period next time. It just irritates me I’m paying on a car under manufacturer warranty & I’m having this much trouble with. It’s not right

Then just get a lawyer to force people to do what they are supposed to do.

I had a very good relationship with the saleswoman from whom I bought 3 cars. When I came back to the dealership to pick up my license plates for the third car, I noticed that car #2–which I had traded-in–was still sitting on the lot. The saleswoman related the following story:

A woman had expressed interest in the car a week or so previously, but she had reservations about whether “it could make it up the Kingston hill”. First, you have to understand that “the Kingston hill” is just a slight upgrade, and not anything of a steep nature. And, according to the saleswoman, this prospective customer was driving a really old, racked-out Corolla which was belching blue smoke.

The saleswoman explained that my meticulously-maintained Outback had a 6-cylinder engine, and undoubtedly had twice the power of the woman’s rolling-wreck Corolla. But, she agreed to give the woman a long-enough test drive so that she could test my “old” car on “the Kingston hill”.

When the woman returned, she agreed that the car had plenty of power, but she then threw another obstacle in the saleswoman’s path. She told the saleswoman that she preferred the appearance of the seats of a car of a different make that was also sitting on their used car lot, and that she would only buy my “old” Outback if they swapped seats with the other car.

The saleswoman took the “customer” to the window, and pointed down the road.
“Do you see that Volvo dealership down the road? I think that you should go there.”

As the saleswoman said, “I don’t need the aggravation of dealing with a nut like that woman, and if it takes a few more weeks to sell your old car, so be it”.