2015 Hyundai Tucson - Smokes

Hyundai Tucson emitting smoke hesitating to accelerate on highway burning oil. Used but still under manufacturer warranty. I now look back at car fax & see it sat in Houston for a couple months with no mileage run up at different dealerships. Odd. I think they knew something. What does it take for Hyundai to do a recall if many are having same issues??

Have you taken your car to a dealership to address the problem?
Recalls are usual where a known defect applies to all vehicles. Other problems are done on a case by case basis.

The factory warranty to the second owner is 5 yrs./60K. You’re probably fairly close to the end of your warranty. Take the vehicle in sooner rather than later. And it’s not that unusual for a vehicle to sit unsold for a while and not rack up any significant mileage. A couple of months is nothing. A couple of years, OTOH…