Hyundai warranty a joke

Anyone else believe Hyundai should be banned if they don’t recall all engine models that are burning oil while under manufacturer warranty?? My Tucson is still under manufacturer warranty not by much now though. Still hesitating to change gears still shaking still knocking still burning oil and still a meeting white smoke. Now engine light on again another too. The dealership I purchased it from refuse to work on it anymore. I’ve had to contact Hyundai by certified mail. They know the original dealership I purchased it from nor the second closest dealership wants to touch it. Hyundai told me to have it towed which I would have to pay for and we could discuss if I would be reimbursed later to the next available dealership who knows where that would be. Hyundai are crooks. Share please. File a complaint with your states department of transportation. Also file a complaint with the federal trade commission, NHTSA, BBB. All & anyone. Google about Hyundai burning oil & customers!!!

By whom?
Various manufacturers of cars, appliances, electronic goods, and other items have sold products that were not necessarily of the highest quality, but those companies are still here.
Exactly how would you “ban” Hyundai from being able to sell their vehicles?

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Not me!

I have never had a desire to purchase a vehicle from a Korean car manufacturer and I never will.

You were given a warranty with fine print. Read the fine print.

Caveat emptor!

It is very important for consumers of any consumer products to carefully research and do some homework prior to making purchases (if they are averse to buying unsatisfactory products).

I prefer to go with the tried and true merchandise and corporations based in the United States :us:.
I don’t buy into the great Asian Car Superiority Myth!
Caveat emptor!
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They don’t want to touch it, or is it, you don’t want to pay for diagnostic work ?

Welch , has another thread where he states this is a 2015 Hyundai Tucson purchased used . This is another of those it would be interesting to hear the dealers side of the story .


… and then there are those of us who would NEVER buy another vehicle manufactured by an “American” company.

As that song from the late '60s said…
Different strokes for different folks.


… and then some who was burned in one camp and moved to another… only to find it’s no better…

I’m talking about myself actually.

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When I hear about someone wanting to ban the sale of a particular brand of car, I think about Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. One moment Willy is praising the car and then when his wife, Linda, shows him a bill.fir $7 for some work on the carburetor, Willy says “That #&!π Chevrolet. The government should prohibit the manufacturing of that car”. Willy didn’t have kind words for his Hastings refrigerator saying “It eats belts like a mad man”.(Back then, some refrigerators didn’t have a hermetically sealed motor and compressor in one unit. The compressor was driven by a V-belt from the motor).
I have never owned a Korean made vehicle. I have driven a Hyundai Santa Fe and a Sonata as rental vehicles while on vacation. I checked the oil at gas stops and never had to add oil.
I did have a colleague back in the 1980s who bought a new Camry that used oil. The dealer installed new rings under warranty and it still used oil. My colleague made contact with Toyota and a factory representative was sent to examine the car. New rings were installed a second time. When my colleague got the Camry back, he traded it in on a different make.
Father Flannigan who started Boys’ Town said “There is no such thing as a bad boy”. There are defenders of a particular make who say "There is no such thing as a bad _______ (Toyota, Buick, Honda, . .fill in the blank). If a Korean product fit my needs, I would buy it. You pays your money and takes your chances.


I dealt with the prior local Hyundai dealership and Hyundai’s regional factory rep and they were all impressive in their apparent desire to take care of customers complaints but I have heard complaints about the new dealer so maybe it is a matter of the dealer. And even a good dealer would likely take a fellow dealers word for the situation rather than the owner’s.

No dealer or private shop can adopt a problem and assure the owner that they will repair the car to the owner’s approval for free or even diagnosis the problem for free. And I don’t believe I have read the rate of oil usage or the service history of the vehicle. A quart every 750 miles is considered OK for a new BMW.

I have Korean refrigerator what eats through parts like a drunken sailor through bottles and after that I decided I had enough not to go to owning Korean cars :slight_smile:

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@thegreendrag0n. Back in the late 1970s, I bought a Sherwood high fidelity stereo receiver. Except for a new dial cord, I have had no problems. This Sherwood receiver was made in Korea. Earlier I had an H. H. Scott receiver that gave me quite a bit of trouble. It was manufactured in the U.S. Both receivers were solid state.

More than likely, it is a Samsung. While they make very good electronic devices, the reliability of their kitchen appliances is sub-par. I have a “Korean” refrigerator (An LG, which was made in Mexico), and it has operated with no problems whatsoever since I bought it in 2005.

My brother bought a Hyundai Santa Fe in… I think… 2009, and it has proven itself to be essentially bullet-proof. His positive experience with that vehicle led him to buy a Hyundai Azera for his wife a couple of years later. The Azera had a “teething” problem (defective engine temp sensor) right after he bought it, but after that was repaired under warranty, they have had no other issues with the Azera.

so far:

  • resoldered relay on $350 control board, as these bastards put an undersized relay there and together with too narrow copper paths it overheats, eventual de-soldering itself… FIX: new relay, additional thick copper wires to fix design flaw
  • replaced 2 blower motors, applied CV shafts rated syntetic grease on them countless times to keep them running in overheated or overfrosted locations
  • had to use box-cutter to mend internal styrofoam insulation parts getting swollen and blocking air ventilation paths
  • finally: front door gets rusted around water/ice dispenser

at this point, I’m waiting this hideous beast to die and will replace with something decent, but after all my “improvements” it seem to hold better

A close friend who had 2003 or so Sonata, maintained at dealer, every 3K miles, which he brought to me for “inspection and opinion” at the age around 6-7 years and 60K miles or so - that was the only modern car where I’ve observed the pre-failure state of crankshaft bearings: these had a pronounced low-frequency knock around idle (this was his complaint why he asked for inspection), so at the time I considered Sonata, but seeing that I bough another Subaru, he replaced Sonata with another Sonata… only to get Thetha II based one and now he’s afraid it will grenade itself at some point, so his next one was Honda… and his experience is so far better then the one I have with mine… but once again, it kept me from looking at Huyndai

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Do you know if they have remedied this problem by 2019?

we will probably know somewhere around 2022+ :slight_smile:

Since the vast majority of oil consumption problems are self-inflicted by the car owners I will ask you this.
How often do you change the motor oil; both as to time and miles?
How often do you raise the hood to check the oil level and keep it at the FULL mark; or do you rely on the “they told me it was 2 quarts down at the last oil change” method?

Just wonderin’…

I bought a Hyundai Accent base model last year.
I looked at every manufacturer and did lots of research. I didn’t like CVT or dual clutch transmissions and wanted to stay away from turbos.
So I went with the Accent. I could not be happier.
I check the oil every weekend and have never had to add oil. It gets changed at 5k. I have 18k on it now.
Owned it 15 months and it hasn’t had any reason to go back for warranty work.
It has the 1.6 gamma engine if that matters.
I’d buy it again.


Same story here with my 2017 base model Tucson.
I have 20k miles, uses about one cup of oil between 5k mile changes.
Trouble free so far.

My wife’s 2012 Veloster just rolled over 100k. Still doesn’t leak/burn any measurable amount of oil.

The reason I was shopping for the Accent was to keep the miles from adding up on my '13 f150.
A new one like it is over $50k now.
And apparently Ford has forgotten how to build engines that don’t burn oil. A couple guys I work with have had engines replaced with under 10k miles on them. Another is going through the oil consumption test now.
Not sure what brand I’ll replace it with, but it will be a few years down the road. Maybe Toyota will have updated the tundra by then.