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Hyundai Dealership giving me the run around

Long story short this is the third time ive been to Hyundai in two months. First time my valve gasket blew and oil was leaking on the manifold. Second time the bolts from the turbo magically unscrewed and the car sounded like I was driving without a muffler. Third time car is still leaking oil and now has been in the shop for three weeks today. I just called and the service manager told us that there is an oil leak in the motor that they are having trouble finding meanwhile last week they told me they were running dye through the car to find the leak. Are they giving me the run around? Could it be a bigger problem they are covering up? Keep in mind car has only 35 k miles on it. Just bought it certified less than a year ago.

What year Sonata? How many miles? What warranty did you get as “certified” - from Hyundai or a 3rd party?

IS it leaking? Is there a spot underneath it? How much oil is it using?

In the absence of answers to these questions, I’d have to say there is no way for me to even guess if they are giving you the run-around.

2015 Sonata 2.0 with 35k miles on it. The car warranty was certified through the hyandui dealership. Its a small leak.

I do not know how much oil it is using but it doesnt seem to be alot

Most likely it was sold by the dealer and is not a factory warranty. That means everything they want to do has to be approved before they do it or they don’t get paid ( at a insulting rate ) .

How much have you had to pay for these repairs?
Is the three weeks contiguous or sum total over a period of time?
Do you have a loaner car from them while yours is in the shop?

I havent had to pay for any repairs (thank god) being covered under warranty.

This is three weeks continuous in the shop.

They did give me a loaner which is why I am not furious. Just think the repairs are taking an awfully long time.

Based on that, it’s unlikely you are getting any kind of “runaround”. They will be trying to get you out of that loaner car as soon as reasonably possible as that is costing them money. I’d still be a bit concerned that it’s taking so long to find the leak but think about the alternative- there are dealers that would claim it solved and send you on your way as quickly as possible, hoping you get sick of pestering them to fix it. At least they are absorbing these costs while they continue to look…


thank you for your insight!