Hydrogen Fuel

I was reading the on line information on alternate fuel sources. How much Hydrogen would have to be produced to double a vehicals fuel milage as claimed in some of these advertisments on the internet, and if enough hydrogen was avalable what would it do to todays sophisticated engine ignitions?

BTU’s are what propels your car. To double the gasoline mileage you would have to replace half the BTU content of the gasoline with hydrogen.

Find out how many BTU’s are contained in a cubic foot of hydrogen, then look up how much energy it takes to produce one cubic foot of that gas. I think you will find it takes more energy to produce the hydrogen than the hydrogen contains…The 30-60 amp alternators found in most cars can’t even begin to produce enough hydrogen to make any measurable difference in fuel mileage. The extra load produced by the hard-working alternator will reduce mileage more than the tiny amount of hydrogen will increase it…

Are you talking about the SCAMS promising to turn water in to fuel or are you talking about using hydrogen produced by conventional means (likely using coal or hydro) to run an engine?

Are you dreaming about “perpetuum mobile”?
Or you are thinking about car with hydrogen as a fuel?
The first one have to stay in the dreams.
But second one can be explored.
According to General Motors engineers it is impossible, but BMW is offering really FlexFuel car.
It can run on gasoline, or hydrogen gas.