Add-On Hydrogen Devices for vehicles

Do you know of anyone who has installed an add-on hydrogen device on a car or suv and if so, did it increase the mileage and or performance of the vehicle .

very few people will admit to the scam…

These devices are all scams. Period. The only way hydrogen would improve the mileage and/or performance of your vehicle would be if you injected a pretty large quantity—like you had a tank of it in the trunk. The only ‘bolt on’ devices that will improve your performance are superchargers, turbochargers, and possibly a reprogramming of the PCM. And it’s likely all of these would both drop your fuel economy. Even if they improved it, the gain would be offset by the price. Automakers already tune their engines for the best mix of performance and economy that they can—why wouldn’t they? As competitive as the auto market is, especially these days, and with the billions of $$ automakers spend on R&D every year, if one of these “snake oil” devices did any good, don’t you think they’d be on all cars as standard equipment by now?

I agree. Once people figure out that they were hoodwinked into wasting their hard-earned money on this scam, they are not likely to admit that they were foolish enough to believe in this nonsense.

They don’t work. If you hear any positive claims, you know that somebody is too embarrassed to tell the truth that he got swindled.

If you add significant amounts of hydrogen to the intake it will provide energy and improve mileage in most cases. The problem is it will cost you more to get the hydrogen than to buy gas. That is true even if you were to get it from water. It takes equal amounts of energy to separate the H from the O if you could do it with 100% efficiency and if your car could burn it at 100% efficiency, neither will happen so you would net less mileage.

In short, it is a S_C_A_M .