Supplemental Hydrogen Devices

There is a claim by vendors that these supplemental hydrogen devices can increase fuel mileage. They supposedly work by extracting hydrogen from distilled water (via electrolysis) and injecting it into the input manifold.

Then by using Hydrogen’s faster flame front (100 times faster than gasoline) that it can provide the same amount of power with less gas due to a more complete combustion of said gasoline in your cylinder.

Has anyone really tried these devices and do they work? Also, I would think they would void the manufacturer?s warranty. Any comments?

They’re scams. We’ve explained them here about 400 times over the past month.

I’d be surprised if they didn’t affect the warranty.

Mountainbike said all there is to say.


water for gas is about as realistic as ethanol solving our energy crisis.

Thousands of unwary customers have all been slickered… and have no chance of getting their money back.

Ethanol has a much better chance. It may be 0.02% chance which is much higher than water for gas.

Being a televangelist is still a better way to make way too much money, though.

Yeah, and you’re under no challange to prove the product works!