their are web sites showing how to double your gas mileage by separating water,and sending the “H” through the breather, seems like it might work, what are your thoughts on doing this?



read these, then let us know what you think.


Since it takes more energy to separate the O from the H? than is released when the H? is burned, it will be a net loss. It is just a matter of the laws of physics. (Conservation of Energy)


Time to go back down into the well, Timmy. We promise to send Lassie to get you real soon…


I was getting fantastic mileage until I installed one of these. It screwed up my turbonator, my fuel magnet fell off and my pulstar plugs got all fouled up. Plus, I think it was messing up the acetone I was adding to my fuel tank. What a hunk of junk! I want my money back…


TT, you forgot to use the CA-40. If you’d done that it all would have played well together. ;’)


Yeah, and put on a few decals for performance parts to boost horsepower by 10 per decal!

Hey, I’m starting to enjoy these threads! Maybe I’ll start them myself, in case we don’t get one for a day or two.


Don’t these spam salesmen ever give up. Or does this bogus rip-off company just hire so many of them. The only good thing is the more these dweebs post…the more bad press this bogus product gets. And hopefully they’ll go out of business and their owners in jail.


I’m at the same point as you are. I’ve run the gamut of emotional responses to these threads.

I’m not convinced that most of these posts are shills for the “product”. With each passing day I become more convinced that this is the result of desperation for the average consumer who is more cash strapped every day due to rising fuel costs.

For some reason, this site attracts more than the typical number of neophytes (look ma, I’m typin’ on the internet!) who have no knowledge of proper BBS etiquette (try a search before posting) and so have no fear of a verbal lashing like would happen on many of the open forums.

There have always been salespeople who succeeded in duping others by using obfuscation (drown them in technical jargon) and when the time is right (desperation), they come out of the woodwork. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and people want to believe it’s real…


Nor do they realize that whatever the product cost, that’s that much more gas they coulda bought.


Ooh! Ooh! Bad Boy Calvin decals!