Hydrogen generators


What do you machanics or anyone else think about using Hydrogen generators to supplement your engine to get better gas mileage. I see a lot for sale out there. Is it all it’s talked up to be.


Ah, our daily serving of Spam has arrived!


We have talked and talked. It is all a SCAM. It does not work and it can not work. It is just a different version of the perpetual motion machine, only worse.

We must have had this question a hundred times in the last 30 days.


Key hydrogen question:

How many cubic feet a minute of hydrogen gas does this device provide??

Your car already HAS a hydrogen generator. It’s your battery! Just replace the caps with a collection manifold, pipe it into your engine and away you go!


There have been a couple people here who were SUPPOSE to have bought them and report back with their results. I assumed they would only report back if the results were positive…no one reported back yet.


I Was wondering when this question was gonna get asked again. it’s been over a week since the last one, hasn’t it?


MIke provided you with the REAL answer. of all the dozens of people who have asked this same exact question over the last day, week, month, year… they all say they are looking for proof.

they have all been given the opinion of the resident denizens of this website, frequent contributors etc.

not ONE of them have EVER reported back with news.

that should tell you something.