Big time gas saver.Is this for real?


hydro-4000 is this for real or am I being a chump ?

one night as I was half asleep during the 11:00 o-clock news the news station was reporting on a new product to increase gas mileage.The news station tested the product for themselves and found that it actually worked.So first of all,why is this not big news? The product claims to raise mileage by 30%.There is a web-site and of course lots of testimonials from there customers.

What gets me going over this is during my childhood I remember my father dribbling water in a carburetor to clean the valves.

After some spuddering the motor would race.

He told me this was happening because of the hydrogen in the water.

A big part of the mad scientist in me wants to spend the 1200 bucks for the contraption.

Has anyone out there heard of this thing?

Can someone please talk me down before I get hurt or am I on the rite track?



Since this is the second time that you posted this question, and since you previously received responses telling you that this is a scam, I have to conclude that you are either:

*A true chump (to use your own terminology)

OR–much more likely that you are–

*A pimp for this scam

Please go away.


There will be a litany of Gas saving gadgets from ow on.

In 2006 alone, Mercedes poaid $40 million in gas mileage penalties to the EPA for not being able to meet their CAFE mileage standards. Mercedes has more capable engineers than you can dream of. So, you would think Mercedes would want to buy the product of some US crook in Twisted Scalp, Tennessee and bring up their milegae to avoid these penalties?

Draw your own conclusions!


Here we go again, this device has been around since before the 1970?s it?s a con. Think about it if any manufacture could put a device on any car or truck that would get them 30% increase in fuel mileage why wouldn?t they do it? Do you really think a manufacturer would overlook something as simple as this?
Now I have a long, post to show you the math of why it won?t work, and why some people think it?s works, I?ll post it if you wish. But every time this type of device is tested, EVERY TIME it?s tested, it fails badly.


I’m skeptical. If you can find an unimpeachable source that has tested it, let us know. An unimpeachable source earns it’s living by providing unbiased reports on a manufacturer’s claims. In this case find a consumer products tester (e.g., CR), an auto manufacturer, or government agency (US DoT, US DoE) that verifies the hydro4000 claims and we’ll believe it. And provide the reference so that we can read it, too.


There used to be a comic strip titled “Buzz Sawyer”. Buzz had a pal, Roscoe Sweeney. Roscoe was given this “secret formula” by an alien from another planet called “Smoose”. This secret ingredient gave all kinds of power to internal combustion engines and let these engines run on very little fuel. This episode continued over about a month of the comic strip.

IMHO, hydro4000 is just about as believable as the Buzz Sawyer comic strip. However, rather than an agent from another planet, there are hucksters behind this product who are raking in the bucks. They are doing better than Buzz Sawyer’s pal, Roscoe Sweeney who never was able to market “Smoose”.

Do the arithmetic. $1200 will buy 300 gallons of gasoline at $4 a gallon. If your car gets 20 miles per gallon, this will allow you to travel 6000 miles. The claimed 20% improvement would boost your mileage to 26 miles per gallon. At 26 miles per gallon, you would travel 7800 miles on the 300 gallons of gasoline. You are paying $1200 to go 1800 miles extra, if this Hydro4000 actually works. At the 20 miles per gallon, you would use 90 gallons of gasoline to travel the 1800 miles and spend $360.

I am doubtful that this Hydro4000 is on the level. Keeping the car properly maintained and practicing good driving habits could boost your mileage by 10%. This is a sure thing as opposed to the $1200 for the late night TV gadget.