How to re-insert wiper fluid tubing?

The wiper fluid tubing became dislodged. We cannot find the re-insertion point. The wiper motor is completely encased. Husband crawled underneath and was not able to locate. Any help would be appreciated!

Could you give us more details, such as type of vehicle, what exactly happened, where the tube became dislodged from, front or rear wiper, and any other pertinent information you think might help us. The more details you provide us, the more we can help you.

Find a used car of the same make and year and look at the tubing.

The wiper fluid tubing does not go in the wiper motor. Where is it detached from? The nozzle on the hood or the reservoir?

Yep, depending on the vehicle, the pump is located under or near the tank that holds the washer fluid. The hose then goes from the pump to the nozzles. On some cars, you almost need to take the fender off to get to the fluid tank.