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How to kill Coronavirus on your car's interior surfaces

It’s just part of the Denial of Reality syndrome.


It actually took place during WW I, and more US troops died from it than died from combat.
My father–who was 8 years old at the time–lost his mother to that deadly flu.

Yep, I remember but it was the 50’s. Knew a kid that got it. Big issue trying to determine what to do in Minnesota. Interesting reading about the history and how it finally passed with the vaccine.

Maybe we can cut the political stuff though unless you want to use direct and complete quotes. The hoax reference was in regard to the media hype but some are just bound and determined to make things like test availability, the pandemic team and other non-issues. I’ve been through the swine flu twice, Mers, Sars, H1N1, Ebola, and others. No one has ever clamped the borders down, closed public places, and developed the public/private partnerships with such speed in response, not to mention over-hauling the bureaucratic testing protocol at the CDC.

And as I have said before the standard N95 masks are great for preventing you from contaminating someone else but do little for protecting you from others. Remember fit testing gas masks to insure no leaks? Same thing. They leak. Can’t find any anyway, they are made mostly in China now.

The flu epidemic lasted from 1918 - 1919. WWI ended in 1918. The troops in WWI were bringing it home with them.

I think you meant to say from 1918–1919.

There is actually some evidence that the epidemic began at Ft. Riley, Kansas, the home of the US Cavalry.


yup…thanks…long day.

Is okay I have been known to make many mistake’s myself’

Fox pays them plenty to pass on propaganda like that. Even President Trump finally got the message. Maybe they’ll take a cue from him on this subject. Feels odd saying that, but I give him credit for facing the facts on the subject.

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If you are saying that properly fitted N95 masks exclude the coronavirus from your breathing air, then I agree with you. The usual advice from medical professionals is that only N95 face masks or better work. Most face masks, except the bouffant style, keep your spittle inside mask. The only thing a bouffant mask does is make you look dorky when worn outside a clean room. You look dorky inside a clean room too, but at least there is a reason to wear it.

Since it was brought up here, here’s an article (from 2018) about the 1918 flu.

Maybe, maybe not. The article above contains a link to another article (from 2014) about the origin of the 1918 flu.

“Big Red One”… my first assignment after boot camp. :us:

I was wondering how long it would take before politics makes it into this thread.

please, we don’t need the politics now.


Why doesn’t my computer have a groan key :sweat_smile:

At my age and medical conditions. I will not likely survive getting corona virus, but like triedac would probably die telling a joke to my hangman.

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@oldtimer_11. When lose our ability to laugh, we lose our power to think straight.


I like that. I tend to laugh when things get really screwy and the wife asks why I’m laughing-because it is so crazy. Like Dale Carnegie said though you try and look at the worst the could happen (death I guess for us old people), and then try to improve on that. So anything less than death is a win.

Agree, and in reply tp another od your posts, I think a person without curiosity is no fun to have a conversation with.

I not nothing about computer programing. In fact I have two different Macs for dummies books that are useless to me because I don’t have the basics to understand what they are talking about.

It is not that I lack curiosity, It is just that I was never around computers, at work or home. I was an over the road trucker, a job that consumes your life and by the time my children started using computers they were married and had children of their own. The first computer I ever sat down at was the Mac mini I bought after I had been retired 12 years.

Parking in the sun with the windows closed might kill it off.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that the general public wear N95 respirators to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus (COVID-19). " That’s a quote. Oh yeah, and I’m not the one that flagged the post. I don’t flag. I think it’s CS.

Not going to argue the point anymore, but the issue is fit testing, and 95% blocked, not 100%. Not to exclude avoidance, hand washing, surface cleaning, etc. Saw a frantic young mother yesterday with a shopping cart heaped with supplies with a face mask, pulling two very young kids also with face masks. These are not for kids because of the fit issue and very stupid if she thinks this is saving her or her kids if she’s getting sneezed on or ignoring other practices. Plus she had the kids scared to death.

I wouldn’t have been there except my coffee pot plugged up and had to get a new one. Coffee is essential.