Mold in my Corolla-- gone but not forgotten

My car was clobbered by a tree last winter and sat for 6 months till I had it repaired. I found mold growing on the steering wheel and a small patch of carpet and a small patch on the driver’s seat - guilty evidence of my eating habits. I wanted to avoid the very toxic moldicides, so I let it go cause I didn’t know what else to do with it. I called lots of places for advice and got conflicting answers – bleach, Simple Green, etc., but when I called Clorox and Simple Green, they were very clear that bleach does not kill mold. Eventually, I found reference to white vinegar working so I sprayed the mold thoroughly and it seemed to work. But now, facing winter, I’m afraid that mold spores may be lurking throughout the passenger compartment waiting for the humidity to bloom everywhere. What can I do? Help!

Winter is not the friend of mold spores. But for the topical areas, use Tylex Mold cleaner, which will kill your spores on contact. Spray it in the vents and wherever, it will take care of anything.