Sanitizing Car After Mice

The mouse isn’t in the ventilation system or fan chamber. It’s probably between the AC unit and the heater where the mechanics couldn’t reach when they explored the ventilation system. I am spraying the vents, etc. daily with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol at the recommendation of a pharmacist since I’m sensitive to chlorine and ammonia solutions. However, I’m now displaying signs of allergic reaction to the alcohol–tight chest, drainage from my head, headache, quasi vertigo, some digestive difficulties. A pharmacist says this is probably not a Hantavirus reaction but reaction to the alcohol.

I’m probably not going to spend $600+ more to have the dashboard dismantled for another search; I’ve already spent $150 for nothing. I have to save for my assisted living facility which may be a reality within 10 years. Another pharmacist said to use Vicks vapor rub under my nose and tape over all the vents with duct tape.

Anybody have input on any of this?


Corolla Girl

Are you in the southwest where hantavirus is usually found? Are you in an area where there is a mouse infestation that needs to be dealt with first? I don’t see any other way to get rid of the carcass than taking the system apart and cleaning it out, then making sure the means of entry is taken care of.

I agree…it’s hard to deal with the stench of a dead mouse if it can’t be removed.

Has anyone pushed a vacuum cleaner hose down the vent tube? If not, you may be able to vacuum it out. The best bet might be to disconnect the vent lines under the dash and push the vacuum cleaner hose in as far as you can. There may be other access points to push the hose in.

You know, that’s an idea with the vacuum. I wonder if even you could cut some large access holes in the plastic housing at strategic places and then patching the holes again?

I like the idea too. @jtsanders @bing. A strong vac and down sizing with flexible plastic tubing duct taped to the end of the over sized hose on the vacuume, may get you in and around the areas in question…pushing and proding could work.
The only thing better would arthroscopy gear.