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2003 Volkswagen Beetle - Door handles

Everybody is disinfecting the surfaces they touch because of the coronavirus. What about car door handles? My husband is adamant that we NOT disinfect the door handles on our VW beetle because it will destroy the paint. Is this really a problem? Will disinfectant damage the cars’ paint?

Depends on what you use. I really can’t see ordinary disinfectant wipes destroying the paint. Not an expert, but I suspect the virus will not survive just running through a self service car wash. But if you are the only ones touching the door handle I wouldn’t be concerned.


If your vehicle has never been repainted open a door and try what your are using for disinfectant on a small area. The inside of door frames hardly ever get wax so you can see if it harms the paint . But you have a 17 year old vehicle and worrying about the paint instead of be concerned about this terrible virus makes no sense at all. After the situation is over a little tape and paper a rattle can of paint will fix the door handles.

I’m not sure if various disinfectants would hurt my paint, so I just avoid the issue by using hand sanitizer before touching the door handles.

I suspect it won’t be good for the paint. Keep hand sanitizer in the center console and some in your purse and use it after you touch the door handles.

If soap and water works for hands, it’ll work for handles.

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