How to kill Coronavirus on your car's interior surfaces

I think that this is very valuable information.

There is no way you can kill it. There is no vaccine made that will neutralize it.
One measure you can take is to wear a mask,wash your hands often and don’t go into crowded area.

Wrong. You can kill it on surfaces with rubbing alcohol. That’s what this is about.

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Of course, like any other surfaces. I use those alcohol wipes disposable tissues.

Then why the earlier post? I’m big on not confusing people…


Another point is never wet the surface you want to clean. Instead, wet the cloth. This is especially important for cleaning porous and perforated surfaces.

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The article is mainly targeted towards ride sharing and cabs. I don’t know if anything can disinfect a car quickly enough between passengers. What if someone sneezes or coughs? That’s going to get to the driver almost immediately.

Ideally there would be a totally separate passenger compartment with separated air. An ozone generator along with heat could disinfect if given enough time.


This site offers better solution

probably because you can’t find any rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes anywhere, unless you spend your life savings.

Get ready to stock up on Everclear :grin:

Good idea, but the major chain web site shows ‘out of stock’…guess folks figured that out!

151 Bacardi Rum will work as well, with a little aroma to it hehe

This virus is nothing new. Office secretaries had the virus in the 1940s. It was traced back to the L.C. Smith typewriters. These typewriters became known as Smith-Coronas.


I hope this is suppose to be sarcasm.

Sorry Mr. Triedaq , but this virus just does not seem like a joking matter .

Edit : We received a call yesterday that my wife’s heart surgery had to be canceled because the doctor scheduled to do the operation has the Coronavirus . Not finding any humor in this household.

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That’s funny coming from Fox. Less then a week ago they were calling it Fake news.


One of their talking heads–Tomi Lahren–told her viewers a couple of days ago that she is “much more worried about stepping on a heroin-tainted hypodermic needle than contracting COVID-19”.


If her neighborhood is that bad, then she should move…or don’t they pay their talking heads that much?

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There are so many possibilities for coming in contact. I used hand sanatizer on my credit card after clerk handled it. Even after using touch screen at the atm. Cash can be dangerous also. Too late on trying to buy a uc-c flashlight, it can kill the virus. I am in a higher risk range due to age. Amazing how nuts it is becoming. No eggs, no bread no tp at the grocery store. Wife is like I should sanitize after the gas pump. I have cheap flip top sandwich bags as a cheap one time disposable use.

I lived through the polio epidemic in the 1940s. It was really scary times. I remember I wanted to go to the county fair as a kid, but my parents said no. I was suspected of having a light case of polio when I was 4. I just remember being very sick.
I hope this CovID-19 can be brought under control quickly. At my age, I may be at risk.


My dad lived through the flu epidemic after WWI. He lived on a farm and didn’t travel to the big city :smile: (Syracuse) for over a year.