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How to attach an Engine hoist?

I am taking the engine (Vulvan) and trans (AX4N) out of a 97 Ford Taurus Wagon. I have an engine hoist, which came equipped with s short chain and a single hook. I do have some lengths of strong chain on hand also. I have everything unhooked and am ready to lift the assembly out. I can get the chains around the exhaust manifolds, but my question is, how exactly can I safely attach the chains to the hook on the engine hoist? I know auto some auto parts places sell slings and whatnot to bolt directly to the engine, but I don’t happen to have any spare bolts lying around that happen to fit the side of the engine, even if I could find the holes the bolts would go into.

Any tips on how to make this safe for man and machine are appreciated.

That’s Vulcan engine. Sorry.

Don’t do any chain wrapping around anything. Have the hangers that were used for factory engine installation of your engine gone missing? You will have to use hooks in brackets for control and safety. I can’t advise the wrapping of the chain around parts even if secured by a bolt, a slip up here could be simply damaging too parts orcould get you hurt. My advice is your going to have to make an effort to do this safely.

You’re thinking of pulling the engine trans combo out with a single attachment point? Better have a bunch of husky friends over to help muscle it around as it comes up&out. A tilt mechanism with two chains is much better. At a minimum, you want the hoist hook on the center of a sling chain to two attachment points. Where to attach depends on your set up. Many engines already have el-cheapo stamped hoist plates left over from assembly. The simplest is to take out a couple of manifold bolts (intake or exhaust) and use longer bolts w/thick washers through the chain links. If you don’t have bolts, go get some. Trip to hardware store and a couple of bucks- not worth screwing around with some half-baked set up.

I definitely want to do this safely. I don’t see anything in there that resemble hangers that would have been used by the factory for putting the engine in. But I will look again.
I do have plenty of muscle - have 5 sons and plenty of pry bars for finagling the engine (once it is being safely hoisted) without getting fingers/hands/limbs in there.

if engine does not have obvious hookup points remove one bolt from each side at the farthest point in a diagonal use those holes to bolt on chain. keep chain tight to engine and the arm on lift as short and close as possible in order to clear the grill when lifted

Gotcha. Thx.

Thanks everybody for your input. I got a sling from advance auto parts, bolted it to heads as suggested, it attached very nicely to lift hook, and engine/trans came out very smoothly and safely.