73 Chevy Nova 250 l6 removal

so recently my father and i decided we are going to remove the engine from our 73 Nova. We have the equipment to remove it the only thing that i wanted to know about was how to properly remove it. we plan on removing the trans before taking the motor out. We have already removed the alternator, fan, smog pump, distributor, carb, thermostat housing, and pretty much all the other engine accessories. Any manuals or information is greatly appreciated.

With the room you have, I’d pull the engine/tranny as one unit with the radiator removed.


You must find the right hight to have the car at (just enough to get under) Then you will need to position the chain that connects to the engine correctly (and find a balance point). If you do pull with trans connected make sure you put a plug in the tailshaft or you will leak. Are you leaving the hood on? if you take it off make sure it doesn’t hit the ground.

yes, the hood is off. my dad planned on attaching the chain to two hooks on either end of the crank case cover, that’s one thing i wasn’t sure about. Are there specific points on the engine where the chains should be attached? thanks for the info by the way.

Well after some more searching on Google, i found a guide posted by some guy that follows the Chevy engine rebuilding handbook, here’s a link, any comments on the process would be appreciated, thanks.


I just want to make sure that the idea of “hooks on either end of the crankcase cover” is an idea that is forgotten.

Looks like a good guide. Just be very careful during the lift.

Is the radiator out? That will make it SO much easier.

I’m sorry for the misinformation, i meant to say valve cover instead of crank case cover, sorry.

yes, the engine compartment is completely stripped, all thats left is the engine, brake master cylinder, and the steering box, the rest is removed including the windshield washer engine/pump.

Do not attach chain to valve cover bolts.

One problem with those instruction, they’re for the 235 cid ‘stove bolt 6’, the older Chevy 6. Your 250 is different, I don’t know in how many ways, so you’ll want to get a correct manual at Autozone, etc.