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Mercury milan 2006 i4 2.4 liter FWD

I have a question can you pull these FWD engines straight up & out


The engine/transmission/suspension have to lowered under the vehicle on the engine/transmission/suspension cradle in order to remove the engine.


The procedure I found seems to say to remove the sub-frame first, then lower the engine/transmission ass’y as a unit.

well how would you go about removing the sub-frame off the floor?

because we don’t have a vehicle hoist

Then that means you don’t have the proper equipment to do this task.


The procedure I found assumes a vehicle hoist is used. I don’t know how that job is done w/out one. Not saying it can’t be done sans hoist, just don’t know what the method would be. You might be able to find a diy’er who’s posted a way to do it by googling, maybe a u-tube vdo or something.

Maybe if you tell why you want to do this some of the excellent mechanics here might have a alternative plan.

I’m trying to do a transmission swap.

If you’re trying to do a transmission swap?

Find someone who knows how to weld.


Position the jack stands behind the sub frame, not under it.

You don’t have to remove the engine to replace the transmission. An engine support is used to support the engine/transaxle assembly in the car. Attach the engine support, remove the sub frame leaving the engine/transaxle in the car then remove the transaxle from the engine.

The labor time for this is 5.1 hours, you might consider having a transmission shop do this for you.