How do you care for an exposed convertible in the winter?

I just bought a used convertible with a cloth roof. Since I’ll be parking it outside (street parking) all winter, what should I be doing to be good to the roof?

On one side, I’ve read that snow buildup on the roof acts as an insulator. On the other I’ve read that car covers are the way to go. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to use a full car cover (city ordinance), but how about just a roof cover of some sort?

This is in Brooklyn, NY, which doesn’t see terrible amounts of snow, but still enough. My neighborhood is somewhat safe.


Car covers can cause more problems than the fix. I would just drive and not worry. In time you will need a new top, but that is going to happen winter or not. It is mostly a matter of age and sun. Cold does not really do much to a convertible top. In fact winter is likely less of a problem for your top than summer heat and sun.

Your convertible top is sturdy and can handle a large snowfall with no problem. Just brush off the snow as you would a regular top. Be careful to use a brush, avoid using a metal shovel or anything with sharp edges that could poke a hole in your top.

Dirt and air pollutants are more damaging to your top. Light colored convertible tops can be difficult to clean.

Believe it or not…The manufacturers had that in mind when they designed the car. The convertible top CAN handle the snow. Just don’t let it keep piling up…What fort-tops have a problem with is thieves with knifes.

If you are not using the car, storage unit. If this is a daily driver street parking is fine but careful removal of snow is required. The only problem with convertible and no garage is the (expensive) top wears out quicker.

Remember, dealers let their unsold convertibles sit an entire winter out in the exposed weather