Car storage outside

I am planning to store my car outside for the winter in a secure lot.

Should I get a cover for it? Where and what type of cover? I plan to do the essentials like plugging the exhaust and disconnectinfg the battery but is there anything else I should be concerned about

I would not use a cover, it is more likely to cause damage from the wind moving the cover over the surface of the car and trapping moisture around it, than to protect it.

You also should consider the possibility of animals making themselves at home.

I would buy a cheap cover at Wal-Mart. They are breatheable, so it won’t trap moisture, and they are soft, so it won’t harm the paint. I would also put sun shades in the front and rear windows for the limited amount of sun that the cover lets through. You can also get wheel covers from RV supply stores. You could also use small tarps and bungee cords for the wheels instead of more expensive wheel covers. Protecting the tires from the sun is a good idea.