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Ask Someone: 2014 Ford Mustang #1532442803

Should I store this convertible with the top up or down in a heated garage for the winter in New York?

Up, …………….

I agree with Volvo_V70 for many reasons. Setting aside the health of the top for a moment, having owned two convertibles I used seasonally, I wanted to keep dust, bugs, animals, and possible rain leaks our of the interior. The top can only help. Coincidental to this post, I was an event this past week and had a chance to speak to a senior person at Haartz Corp (makers of soft tops for over 100 years). This person also owns a convertible and I asked him this question. He said that for older vehicles with vinyl material roofs storing them up can help prevent shrinkage and distortion. However, new tops don’t need to be. The newer materials are able to retake their shape with no issues after many months stored down. Although I respect his opinion, I would still store mine up.

I store the car with the top up, for all the reasons listed by everyone else.

Up, always up. Keeps dust out of the car even IF you totally accept what Haartz has to say!

Uppp! Of course!