How do i remove a axle?

2003 ford ranger fx4 right front axle seal leaks. the c-clips that hold the axle are in a recess of the gear and the axle will not push in far enough to allow removal of c-clip as it stops at the spider gear pin which can’t be removed as it will not clear the ring gear. where can i find an exploded diagram and repair procedures?

How about a Haynes service manual, or a Ford factory manual? Either of these will show you what you need to know. Why would you attempt such a repair without a manual?

A while back, someone here posted a link to a free online shop manual for almost any make and model. Unfortunately I changed computers and no longer have the link. Perhaps someone else knows of it and will post it again.

The Auto Zone Web site carries instructions on some vehicles; but, not for yours. You could go to the Ford dealer parts department and ask the nice wo(man) to print out a drawing of those parts (an exploded view) for you. They have drawings of everything on the truck. Also, you could go to your public library and go to web sites such as (free), or ARRC (Auto Repair Reference Center, and maybe some others. Ask a librarian.

That link was probably To get in, you would have used: User ID: user, and Password: password, then have clicked on Login. Now, to go there, you have to go through your public library. This is through ARRC (Auto Repair Reference Center) web link at the library.

The pinion shaft has to be removed in order to push the axle shaft in and remove the c-clips.

Thanks to everyone for the information.

Do yourself a favor and get a telescoping magnet at Sears- 6-7 bucks maybe, to retrieve c-clips as axle is pushed in. Try not to change the orientation of any gears as you perform the job, too. Good luck!